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EastCars 1.51

By: László Szabó and László Fényi
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Street
Initial release: 11-Mar-10
Current release: 1.510, on 26-Dec-10

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Screenie by: jerry13344
Screenie by: jerry13344
Screenie by: Target78
Screenie by: Target78
Screenie by: AlecXs
Screenie by: AlecXs
Screenie by: Target78
Screenie by: Target78
Screenie by: Target78
Screenie by: Target78

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Included cars :
-Vaz 2101 (lada)
-Skoda 110R Coupe
-Trabant 601
-Fiat 126p
-Dacia 1310
-Wartburg 353w
-Moskvich 2140
-Skoda F3

4 class level upgrades:
-4 engine type
-4 gearbox
-3 suspension and brake system (stock ,rally and racing)
-3 tyre type (stock ,racing and slalom)

The 3d/2d is low detailed (first mod sorry)!

Many thanks to Istvan Mikle (c4g mod) for support!



EastCars 1.10 :

- Fixed AI problem with Skoda. AI now change gears up.
- Added/changed some skins
- Added Trabant 601 car (more in readme)

And we fixed some little text messages.


Eastcars 1.20:

- Some changes in the stock VAZ 2101 (a bit more engine power to get better accelerate)
- Some changes in the stock Trabant (a bit more engine power to get better accelerate)
- Added new CLASS: MTX VAZ 2101 (New engine, gearbox etc. THX for cornabow from rfactorcentral)
- Added Polski Fiat 126 car (more in readme)
- some skins updated/added
- fixed the Trabant Class upgrade mix


EastCars change log from 1.2 to 1.3:

- some fixes in the physics
- fixed the gears problem with MTX class VAZ 2101
- changes in the "FiatBusa", less maximum speed, better accelerate
- fixed the Skoda spoiler/tire change appearance
- some skins updated/added
- Added Dacia 1310 car (more in readme)


EastCars change log from 1.3 to 1.41:

- some fixes in the physics (cars: Vaz 2101, Dacia, Fiat)
- All internal, and some extrenal sound changed
- some changes in the Trabant and Vaz 2101 dashboard
- Fiat 126 level3 got some changes to get better handling
- some skin changed, updated
- Skoda 130Rs spoiler fully rebuilded, and the 110R skin enlarged
- new templates added
- Added Wartburg 353W (more in readme)
- Added AI levels (in opponents filter ECLEVEL1-6)


EastCars Change log from 1.41 to 1.50:

- some fixes and improvements in the physics
- changed the lights on some vehicles (added glass to headlights etc)
- optimized textures, etc. to get more FPS on slower PCs
- Added Skoda F3 (more in readme)
- Added Moskvich 2140 (more in readme)
- some sound changed
- Skins
- Templates
- Suspension in some cars Now can move graphically, and some brakes can glow
- drivers got a smooth
- added Vaz 2101 Police car + Safety car


EastCars Change log from 1.50 to 1.51:

- Some fixes and improvements in the physics
- Added fuelmeter for skoda f3
- Changed sport dashboard in Trabant601
- Added some skin

We hope U still enjoy it!

ps: If u do some changes, that u think can improove the mod, pls give us a feedback! THX!


Skin templates included in zip!

Please delete previous version before install the newest version!!

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i have problem with templates help me i dont know where i must copy this folder
Ziutekson on Aug-07-2015

The link is broken , can you upload again ??? I format my pc and lost the mod. Please upload again because is a great mod. Thanx
Prodriver77 on Feb-26-2015

Hey, sorry for ''bumping'' such an old Mod, but 1st of all it's really epic!
I love the old GDR cars all members of my family grew up there, even my dog did, haha

Well, what I'd also like to ask is, if I could have the permission to convert the Trabant to another game?...
If not, it's fine, too!
JoNnii on May-30-2013

This is one of the best mods EVER or that is at least what i think. Great mod
Nicki53 on Aug-14-2012

Some Polish and Russian music in the menu would be fun
Yarach on Jun-06-2012

Szia Mrtr!

Ehhez a módhoz már nem adunk hozzá autót valószín?leg. Rf2-h?z majd lehet újra kiadjuk ,kicsit összeszedettebben
Most egy ford fiesta 1993 -as autón munkálkodom ,de lassú tempóban készítgetem.

Minden jót!
Target78 on May-20-2012

Helló Target!
Mennyi autót tudsz még elkészíteni ebben módban? A következ? autókat szívesen látnám:
Polski 125P
Skoda 120
Skoda Favorit
Vaz 2105
Vaz Samara
Zastava 101
Köszönöm, hogyha válaszolsz.
mrtr on May-19-2012

Szia Lev!

Sajnos technikai problémák adódtak a honlapunkkal (ahol a mód is fent volt)!
De most feltöltöttem egy másik helyre is ,ha ez sem menne keresek más megoldást!

Minden jót!

EastCars 1.51
Target78 on Apr-29-2012


Nem találok sehol él? linket a modhoz... tudna vki segíteni?


lev13 on Apr-21-2012

I love this MOD. I have owned several small under powered vehicles including a Sunbeam Imp, Toytota Hilux, Hillman Husky, and several VW bugs. I am working on a few "NASCAR" paint schemes just for fun. Thanks for a great MOD.

docswitzer on Jan-02-2012

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