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Early Brands v2 2

By: philrob
Origin: Composite | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 24-Aug-10
Current release: 2, on 24-Aug-10

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Screenie by: julianus
Screenie by: julianus

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This is a recreation of Brands in its golden years up to about 1975, no particular year is implied. more of a taste of how it was, no chicanes and no tarmac at Paddock Hill band, just grass, you and the barrier.
I have changed most of the textures, repaired many flashing/duplicate faces, created and added period logos, team trucks, buildings, pits, score tower, re built the bridge at Kidney bend etc

Nice cam created by Gubba.
This is another of the tracks that was meant to be released along with the CSGT mod, but never made it.I worked on it for a long time, but it has been sitting around so i have released it, this is a further enhanced version over the previous
GTR2/GTL versions, more accurate logos and positioning and further errors repaired.

Thanks go to Motorfx for his help.

IF anybody can host this track please do so.

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Very, very good work ! I had quit driving on that track because I race only offline and the AI seemed awful. I then tried other versions of Brands but didn't like them quite as much. Then I found out that there was an exotic (too high) value in the AIRange parameter of the .AIW file. Setting AIRange to 0.1, I have realized that the AI was in fact very good and I am now having tons of fun with that very immersive track. Thanks a lot !
palindnilap on Oct-22-2013

Nice track,Brands is one of my favourites anyway........but starting a race from anywhere mid to back of grid is a lottery,I defy anyone to see the red/green lights as theyre completely obscured by that huge Lucas gantry! Tried several times to no avail so midfield qualifiers beware,you'll just have to watch for the rest of the field rollin then play catchup ;-)
crashman33 on May-16-2011

This is great, you even included the cover of the 1975 Race of Champions in the splash screen; I went to that race. Brands was my local track and I saw many a great race there.

How do I contact you regarding a track idea?

bjohnsonsmith on Nov-05-2010

I love anything to do with Brands, wel done!
simosimo on Sep-02-2010

Here is a Filefront link
NOxymoron on Aug-26-2010

I have added a Rapidshare link
philrob on Aug-26-2010

Could you please upload to rapidshare or megaupload?
JohnEEE on Aug-26-2010

great with F171 mod.

mauro on Aug-25-2010

Nice to see this version. Thanks for the hard work! Very well done. Also nice to see you hitting your marks on the vid/avatar. ;^)
hdswriter28 on Aug-24-2010

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