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ERRC F1 2014 1

Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Open Wheelers
Initial release: 21-Feb-14
Current release: 1, on 21-Feb-14

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Screenie by: ERRC
Screenie by: ERRC

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European Racing rFactor Community (ERRC) F1 2014 Mod

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348/500 (533 votes) 1 2 3 4 5
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Sense of Immersion
Realistic Damage
Default setup Race-ability
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After open the article I found a video that was about a trailer of new game that was just near to launch this was amazing game. This was made by the developer he was my friend he told me that he got helped from [url=]highquality essay writing services[/url] while making this game because they had all codes on it.
jetazi on Sep-18-2018

Not perfect, hope the update will improve the realism of the mods (compare to MMG F1 2007 & Reiza formula )
limseong31 on May-23-2015

great job
a french fan
thank a lot
wr1000 on Jun-17-2014

Here is it,skins update by me
LIONER on Mar-21-2014

Hello.. ERRC?
marcelviterna5 on Mar-21-2014

PROS: First one released

CONS: Gear politics (7 till you join a French league) then you get the real 8. WTF?!
Engine Sounds way off
Tires way off
Handling way off

On a positive note, at least we can have some good online races, and despite it's flaws, it's still a progression towards the new cars.
The "ACTUAL" teams themselves haven't even figured out their own cars which they built, so assuming that a FREE MOD will be a perfect SIM is a little over expectant.

Looking forward to version 1.1!!!
XxTaTxX on Mar-17-2014

Check this F1 2014 Promo of rFactor
I hope you enjoy it
warsk8 on Mar-14-2014

Hello ERRC!Expected helmets and car skin update?
adolf964 on Mar-13-2014

Good to see a F1 2014 mod finally out but after testing several things in the mod. it lacks some things which need improvement and yes I understand that it is V
1.00 but I'll give you some feedback.

1: damage model needs to be improved MAJORLY
2: feels like there isn't enough grip
3: doesn't feel or seem like the engine in the mod performs to what it should and does irl
4: Sounds need to be improved

There is just a few. I'm not trying to jump on the hate wagon or say it's a s*** mod but it does need quite a bit of improvement. just being honest & upfront
KZ2Iceman97 on Mar-13-2014

thank you guys for the hard work, my kids like it so mush and because of you they got 2014 mod befor there firends do.
mohdelbasiouny on Mar-12-2014

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