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Donington Park 1937 1

By: Rodrrico
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 24-Jan-13
Current release: 1, on 24-Jan-13

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Screenie by: rFC
Screenie by: rFC
Screenie by: Rodrrico
Screenie by: Rodrrico
Screenie by: Rodrrico
Screenie by: Rodrrico
Screenie by: Rodrrico
Screenie by: Rodrrico

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Donington Park 1937 Grand Prix & Donington Park 1937 Special Reverse

Donington Park was once a premier venue for Grand Prix racing during the 1930s. Over that period, the circuit underwent various changes to the layout. By 1937 the circuit was up to a 5.029km length which is what I have tried to recreate for Rfactor.

I have tried my best to bring the era of the 1930s Grand Prix racing to life for Rfactor with what I had available to me. However I have had to make a few compromises during the design process so that cars would actually be able to drive on the track.
The real Donington of 1937 had some seriously rough bumps. In fact the approach to the hairpin was so steep that the cars took off and landed quite abrasively just before the braking zone. This was also the case on the run to the start / finish line.
For Rfactor, I had to reduce the angle of these bumps as the AI would hit the bumps at almost full speed and the crash practically every time, thus I was one of very few cars to actually complete a lap during testing.

I then modified the bumps ever so slightly to reduce this change of annihilation of the AI cars, though now they brought their speeds right down to a crawl just before the bumps and thus, the following cars would crash into these near static objects in the middle of the road.
Ultimately, what I have done is modify the historical circuit just to a point that the AI can negotiate the circuit without a 100% chance of incident and be competitive. No doubt the purists out there will say this is no good as a result, but I believe it is a worthy compromise.

Included in this Zip :
Donington Park Grand Prix Course 1937
Donington Park Special Reverse 1937

This is the first track in over two years that I have made multiple layouts for. The GP Course is that of 1937 as it was. While the Special Reverse is one that I found to be just as functional and fun during testing, so I decided to include it. I don't however believe that it was ever used in a reverse configuration during that period.

If you enjoy my tracks the perhaps consider donating just a few cents. It takes me a long time to make these circuits and it would be a really big thank you for your small donation.

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For a low price you can buy a vehicle with which to fight for the top places in the national championship, coming to occupy the top two places for example, in Santo Emiliano Climb, scoring for the national championship, only exceeded by the formulas or prototypes, not counting for the specialty.
newstart027 on Oct-19-2016

Cool, I've never seen that picture before. To me the image looks a little fake so I am not sure about that one. I based my bridge on from the Spirit of Speed game. But if you can sourse a better image, maybe I can convert it into Rfactor.
rodrrico on Feb-04-2013

Congratulations for the track!
The only problem is an era element: the Dunlop Bridge that appears in video is the actual. The old Dunlop bridge is it:
1930 Dunlop Bridge:'avenue%20Dunlop_0.jpg
formidable on Feb-03-2013

Thanks for the idea NitroMcClean, I have heard rumours that someone else is working on it out there, but if nothing materialises from these rumours then I might give it a go. However I am not the best modeller out there and am not sure I would be able to faithfully create this for Rfactor. Though, in saying that I might start playing around with the idea in the coming month, pending work etc.
rodrrico on Jan-26-2013

Great to see a track from 1937. I guess it isn't exactly the same as the real track from 1937, but that's missing the point I think. After watching some video's of the real 1937 track on YouTube I can say the feeling and looks of that time a good reproduced in this rFactor track. In the Read me file you are asking: "COMING SOON: No planned scratch circuit right now. Ideas anyone?". What about the Donington Park 2010 design? This track was never build, and probably only excists in rFactor! But I think the people who are involved with the Donington 2010 project are so sick of it that they are trying to forget it completely and therefore we won't see the original rFactor Donington 2010 available for download. So what about recreating a rFactor track in ...... rFactor? To get an idea look for pictures on There is a video on
NitroMcClean on Jan-26-2013

Download peazip it handles all zip formats and is free. Google is a wonderful tool when actually used
rodrrico on Jan-25-2013

can you make a .zip file please, I do not have winrar and so can't open .7z files
comadylover5 on Jan-25-2013

absolut fantastic work ... thx dude!!!
saxe on Jan-24-2013

@Rodrrico: Congratulations on another fine addition to your portfolio of under-appreciated tracks!
Toonces on Jan-24-2013

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