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DirtWorks Designs Open Wheel Modified 2.00

By: DirtWorks Designs
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Dirt Oval
Initial release: 10-Sep-10
Current release: 2.000, on 12-Jul-11

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Screenie by: nebraskadirt
Screenie by: nebraskadirt
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Screenie by: xl1
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The long awaited version 2 of the Dirt Works Designs UMP and IMCA Modifieds is available now. We at Dirt Works Designs are proud to bring to you a new dirt mod, our version of two of the most popular classes at most dirt tracks, the UMP Modifieds and the IMCA Modifieds. These cars always draw a large car count and are a blast to drive and we feel that we came as close to realistic as you can get. The Ump & IMCA Mods will have 5 different suspensions which are all equal, 2-Link, 4/4 Floated, 4/Z Clamped, 4/Z Floated and Swing Arm. They all have their own handling characteristics for you to chose from. IMCAs have a few differences from the UMP. It took a lot of hard work to get the mod released and we all enjoyed making it come together. We hope you all like it as much if not more than our Street & Super Street Mod. We appreciate all the patience from everyone and hope you continue to follow our future projects.

The Dirt Works Design Team

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Don't think it can work like that. Why don't you post a request at the DirtWorks Designs site and see if someone will paint a skin for you from your picture. There are some great painters around. ken
kslater on Jun-05-2013

Hay guys I was wondering since I have my own modified can I grab a template and put it in photo shop and then take a picture of my modified and copy that picture to photoshop and some how put the skin of my car on the template as a skin
Hellsbells34 on Jun-04-2013

ask people to sell me one of them cars
Racing15Harnick on Jan-27-2013

k can u sell me a late model or a mod
Racing15Harnick on Jan-27-2013

That is very puzzling. These are not in an adobe file. Something must of gone wrong with your install. I think you should delete what you have installed so far and then try again. This mod comes with an installer so open it and click on the browse button. Work your way through the menu to where you have rfactor installed on your computer and then click start. It should install without any problem. When you find the modifieds in your rfactor game, back out and restart rfactor as the showroom and garage pages for this mod are a bit different than the standard rfactor pages. Hope this helps. Once you get the modifieds working, you can find some setups for these cars and a setup guide in the forum at my league's web site We are an offline racing league and share a lot of setups and fastest way around the tracks we race on. ken
kslater on Jun-23-2012

I'm trying to download these modifieds but they wont work because it says its an adobe file so it wont open or work in my rFactor folder. It shows that they are in the folder but they wont show up when i open up the game. Can anyone help me with this? It'd be much appreciated.
24Racing on Jun-22-2012

hey. i downloaded a skin off rfc and i cant get it to work for the the game
bparkos199 on Jun-12-2012

The DWD Modifieds v2.0 is available for download at and here at rfc. If you are interested in the "other" mod above, I think you need to go to their website. ken
kslater on May-29-2012

Where do u go to download this? Im confused
iimods on May-29-2012

Wanted to let you guys know if you want to try a real dirt modified try Which is in no way associated with DWD and is not stolen property of any part of there mod Thank you NATHAN
neweragaming on May-16-2012

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