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Data Acquisition Plugin 1.32

By: DanZ

Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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For those of you who are into using telemetry to analyze laps, adjust setups, or whatever...I've been working on a plugin for rFactor that creates MoTeC log files (the binary .ld no need to perform a conversion from a .csv file). It's almost feature-complete, at least for the first version, but I'm still tweaking it a bit. However, it is usable and, for me, it's a better alternative to the F1C telemetry program because I prefer to use the MoTeC interpreter.

It creates MoTeC standard format log files (as opposed to their Pro file format, so it won't work with i2 Pro). It can be used with either the old interpreter program or the new i2 Standard interpreter, both of which are available for free at Motec's web site.

v9.2a supports the Pro format, so i2 Pro can now be used!

v9.4a includes autoupdate. Refer to readme.txt

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phoebesss on Aug-20-2018

Data acquisition for the car racing is the software for the managing laps of the cars and to speed with ton over. That manageable for the plug software for my essay while to watching car races are this software have the only pause to play feature.
AnnabelleStead on Jul-23-2018

AnnabelleStead on Jul-23-2018

I hope we will receive more latest news that relates to this article. Thank you so much.

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amandawallers on May-20-2018

Is the source code for this plugin available anywhere?
awadell on Apr-10-2017

Sents you work for MoTeC I think you should read their license agreement.
They allow the use of there MoTeC software But will not support it, out side of their hardware.



MoTeC has given Simbins the ok to use their software. as long as it is downloaded from their site.
thelandcruzer on Jan-23-2017

Please keep in mind that the this software is being used without the approval of the software owner MoTeC (for whom I work)

RFactor have been contacted on this as they legally are obliged to attain approval from MoTeC before using this software.

Do not contact MoTeC for any support or issues with the illegal use of this software
cossie55 on Feb-16-2015

Hello. I have a problem with my telemetry. I am able to read all of the inputs that I need except steering and oversteer. I have the latest version as of August 27, 2014. I have these problems with two mods so far; F1 2006 CDTP and F1 MMG 2007. What can I do to solve this?
michealfif on Aug-27-2014

I uninstalled the latest version of MoTeC and installed
and it works.
rickmalm on Mar-10-2014

Is DanZ plugin output format (.ld file) tied to a specific release of MoTeC. I am trying MoTeC i2 Pro and it does not see the LD files in my LOG folder at all. The plugin seems to work fine collecting data when I request but MoTeC does not see them, even when I move them to my desktop and make the file names very short.
I happened to notice on the web page where the link is located to install DanZ's plugin, there is a link to a specific version of MoTeC. mi2_pro-wxp_1.01.0082. Is this a requirement. I remember reading there were file format changes over time and patches to fix problems with differences in file formats.
Thanks for any advice. This will be a great learning tool if I can get it running.
rickmalm on Mar-10-2014

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