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Crimson Road 1

By: Nuno Vilela
Origin: Scratch | Fantasy
Category: Temporary Circuits
Initial release: 25-Jul-13
Current release: 1, on 25-Jul-13

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Screenie by: Nuno Vilela
Screenie by: Nuno Vilela

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A nice drive on more than 19km of high mountain road.

Visit us at
Gigantic terrain model may take a bit to load on the 1st try.

tested with 6000 x 1200 on a gtx560 with fps above 60.

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Track Layout
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The SuperFormula2013 MOD, created by ITO modding team.
SuperFormula is the Top Formula championship in Japan.
This series was called "FormulaNippon" before 2012.
newstart027 on Oct-16-2016

Awesome road track, I really would like no know if It's a real road and where is it. I like to ride a Manta 400 grB car and I belive I am Ari Vatanen on Manx Rally 83!!!!
Thak´s a lot for create and share it!!

From Galicia, Spain.
clior27 on Mar-02-2014

Amazing work. I would love to bring this amazing track to rFactor 2 with your permission. I am Galaga in ISI forums. My website is My email is Thanks for this amazing contribution to (and my favorite track in) rFactor 1.
kknorpp001 on Feb-21-2014

Olá Nuno como vai:?? gostaria que entrasse em contato, preciso conversar com você. Um Grande Abraço Seu Amigo Silvano

Hi Vilas,
Very good Track!

Wow very impressive this is a mountain track with real huge elevation changes.
13 minute laptime (AI)
For the first time the feeling of driving in an alpine region has been captured in a sim.
Now do the Stilfser Joch (Alps) :-)

Well done!
Jeffrey3456 on Aug-28-2013

absolutely awesome! if its not a race track, its fun anyway. Thanks..
Rat1 on Jul-31-2013

absolutely awesome! if its not a race track, its fun anyway. Thanks..
Rat1 on Jul-31-2013

Fantastic! This track really fills a big hole in the sim driving experience. And thanks for painting the guardrails - the paint scheme you used makes it much easier to see the sharpest corners coming from a distance. Thank you!
RRrumbLE on Jul-31-2013

Nice job on this track! As said Tupinaba, grip, bumpers, etc. Everything is working nice, thanks for this add...
marfando on Jul-28-2013

Pista muito boa, Maravilhosa!
Os Grips, bumpers e curvas desta estrada são bem desafiadores!
No túnel o desafio aumenta!
Parabéns Nuno Vilela!
Excelente track, para quem quer melhoras suas habilidades!
Saudações Musicais e Automobilísticas!
TupinabaBRA on Jul-28-2013

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