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Corner Inlet Racing Club 1

By: Legendatlunch
Origin: Scratch | Fantasy
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 10-Apr-09
Current release: 1, on 28-Apr-12

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Screenie by: legendsatlunch
Screenie by: legendsatlunch
Screenie by: legendsatlunch
Screenie by: legendsatlunch
Screenie by: legendsatlunch
Screenie by: legendsatlunch
Screenie by: legendsatlunch
Screenie by: legendsatlunch
Screenie by: legendsatlunch
Screenie by: legendsatlunch

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Hi All!

I've started some fictional hill climb tracks located in South Gippsland, Victoria, Australia.

Locally there have been a few motor sport events, notably the WRC style rally stages through the Streslecki ranges. Other events were a 4wd mud run at a town called Yanakie and the motor cross track nearby. Phillip Island is only 1 hr away and we have the BryantPark "HauntedHills" hill climb track in the Latrobe Valley 3/4 hr drive ( Which I have started making). My Tracks are hill climb style events.

The first is a closed circuit track, Located on a friends farm, south east of a little town called Fish Creek.5 1/2 k's of gear chompin heaven! I am pretty happy with the track surface, I don't want smooth n easy, lol, It's a challenge but getting a clean lap is very rewarding. gears are cruitial (ratios that is)......
There are lots if elevation changes, Most of the map is as true to life as ge will allow, but I have modified some areas to create atmosphere....
This track is sort of turning into a multi event venue so stay tuned! lol

all new with all of the layouts I originally intended. including timers for the hillclimb events.

2012 - Hi I updated the Fish ck Circ hill climb a while ago with 8 layouts, finally have some timing gates for the hill climb versions and some circuit style racing...
hope you enjoy the latest edition

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I really love it. Cool interesting and challenging track. Also enjoy your Haunted Hills track. I've raced a classic bike around there and just soooo much fun. Especially going 'over the edge' plunging down the hill. awesome
AusJames on Apr-29-2012

looks like a fun hill climb track. thanks for the update...!
cutback73 on Apr-29-2012

dude, this track isnt made for side by side racing...its hill climb/sprint tracks! made for 1 car to go as fast as possible.
marc512 on Apr-28-2012

Excuse me, Legendsatlunch, I follow all your works here and in other sites. I've a question: if you create a circuit called "hillclimb", why don't you put a chronometer stop in some point before the starting line (and the last straight)? I'm an hillclimb fanatic and I would appreciate to run into your circuit, but I can0t simulate a real hillclimb in a closed circui tank you so much
barcaiolo on Aug-06-2009

Yes, but the course is too narrow for real racing. It looks barely wide enough for a two lane road so in a race car at high speed it is nearly impossible to pass anyone cleanly. I drove this once and it was interesting but I doubt that I will ever drive it again for this reason.
Vince Klortho on Apr-22-2009

I,m a little surprised this hasn,t generated more interest. It really is a stunning track in many ways. Also it,s excellent for a wide range of cars....
kendo on Apr-21-2009

Awesome stuff legend !!
motorsport_dvd_king on Apr-15-2009

lol i hear ya bud. textured on both sides? double sided checkbox checked in simed? I need to do this a lot using old v5 xpack objects.
dmz on Apr-15-2009

Hi kendo, Yes the link contains the latest edition! Conplete with mistakes! I give up, now haybales are not coll object.
Just makes ya wanna jump up n down and scream like a 5 year old lol! think simmed screws with my head.
I used your second ' lighter' hay bale too. looks really good.( GTL, GTR2>>> :-} ).....
legendsatlunch on Apr-12-2009

Excellent work mate, it's great to see some local backroad type tracks, rather than the mundane full on racing tracks. Any chance we will see the Heidelberg-King Lake Road between St Andrews and King Lake, I love that road.
shadowman004 on Apr-11-2009

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