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Clio Cup 2008 1

By: Tomaz Stravs and eddy3spain
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Touring
Initial release: 11-Oct-09
Current release: 1, on 11-Oct-09

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Screenie by: eddy3spain
Screenie by: eddy3spain
Screenie by: dtdzc
Screenie by: dtdzc
Screenie by: eddy3spain
Screenie by: eddy3spain
Screenie by: eddy3spain
Screenie by: eddy3spain
Screenie by: eddy3spain
Screenie by: eddy3spain

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Clio Cup 2008 mod for rFactor

Current version: 1.0


Inventor of single brand sports hatchback cups with the R8 Gordini, Renault has been perpetuating the spirit of promotional formulas for four decades. It has done this by organizing competitions across the globe which feature stringently identical cars, which are both efficient and affordable. With New Clio Cup, Renault confirms its expertise in entry-level sports hatchbacks by offering a product that provides driving pleasure and safety, as well as being easy to run.

Developed using a Clio Renault Sport 2.0 16v base, the launch of the current Clio Cup was met with immediate success. Efficient, fun to drive and cost-effective thanks to the extensive use of production components, it has become the market leader in entry-level sports hatchbacks. Involved in a total of fourteen national championships (Belgium, Brazil, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Mexico, Spain, Netherlands, Portugal, Switzerland, Turkey and United Kingdom) Renault Sport has demonstrated its expertise and know-how in the organization of championships which focus on providing sporting equity, a sense of fair play and plenty of racing action!

The quest for driving pleasure was the guiding principle for the development team. Well-balanced with a slight tendency to oversteer, New Clio Cup is suited to all driving styles and drivers, be they newcomers to motorsport, talented young drivers converted from the single-seater categories or even gentlemen drivers. Forever looking to make driving more fun, the driving position has been moved to the centre of the cockpit.

Under the bonnet, New Clio Cup is equipped with a two-litre 16 valve engine, producing more than 200bhp. It is combined with an individual six-speed sequential gearbox with steering wheel mounted gearshift.


Just copy the content of the rar to your rFactor installation folder.

Using RealFeel is recommended with this mod.


GenString options:

1 = The car uses michelin tires.

2 = The car uses tires without brand.

Extra textures:

Extra3 = Interior dash

Extra4 = Pilot helmet


Original car model, textures and convertion: Tomaz Stravs

Model fixes, texture fixes and final convertion: eddy3spain

Template by eddy3spain

Physics by Ingy

Safety Car by BRDev (Murilo Zimmer)

Menu music by danthrax

Car sounds by Destroem

Spanish 06, 07 and 08 skinpacks by casposo

Slovenia 2008 skinpack by eddy3spain (except Presa skin by DouDouSaxo)

France 2008 skinpack by DouDouSaxo


Real clio cup drivers who helped with physics: Miguel Gallego and Joaquin Capsi

Crazivant for engine brake physics adjustments, and help with doubts about convertion for the intro

Beta testers (Casti, Sandro, Pototo, Cardenal, Casposo, Rulex, Striker, Joaquin Perez, Jako, etc)

Primoz Makselj for contact with slovenian community and support

BrDev for permission to use their safety car from the Superclio 2006 mod. Permission granted by Marcelo Pereira.

GotiKGotcha for contact with Destroem


The authors of this add-on for rFactor are not responsible for any trouble caused by using it.

* This mod is not for profit, all trademarks are copyrights of their respective owners.

* SimRaceWay is not allowed to include this mod in their database nor use it in any of the races they organize.

* Please do NOT modify this model or redistribute any part of it without asking for permission. It's not difficult to just ask first.

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scuderiacampione on Jun-17-2015

Hi, make sure you don't have any popup blockers preventing the download box from appearing. The links were updated and should be working.
[RFC]-Fresh! on Aug-01-2012

Hi does any 1 no where I can get this car cause the links to it are broken
JasonA on Aug-01-2012

does anyone still have this mod and would be kind enough to upload it somewhere? thanks!
xPR073C7x70Mx on May-06-2012

The templates were available at megaupload but that site is dead now. Can I download the templates from another site ?
Tizz on Mar-16-2012 as below
jwilson2814 on Sep-05-2011

Clio Cup UK 2010 Skins - with modified front end to look like the 200 cup (wide mouth) - Rfactor - Car Skins - Clio Cup UK 2010 - enjoy
jwilson2814 on Jul-16-2011

I've made a few changes to the engine braking and brake torque. I think it is closer to my 2008, but maybe I've a problem with it!
Finchy2211 on Apr-29-2011

Yeah, I have the same opinion jeje.

My soundmod v1.50:
Pepet on Feb-20-2011

Can you reduce the engine braking strength? It's way too strong compared to the real thing. Otherwise, power to weight and corner g are perfect, I get v. similar lap times in real life vs using this sim.
Finchy2211 on Feb-12-2011

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