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Classic Hot Rods 2

By: Sim Stox and Bonkers
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Stock Cars
Initial release: 06-Jun-10
Current release: 2, on 07-Jan-14

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Screenie by: Sim Stox
Screenie by: Sim Stox
Screenie by: Murph
Screenie by: Murph
Screenie by: Murph
Screenie by: Murph
Screenie by: Murph
Screenie by: Murph
Screenie by: Murph
Screenie by: Murph

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This is a series dedicated to the past & present. Race all your favourite drivers from Barry Lee, George Polley & Mick (Duffy) Collard to the present day with Lee Wood, Tim Foxlow, infact over 100 drivers & cars to choose from!

You can drive the legendary MK2 Escort, RS Escort, Zakspeed Escort, MK1 Escort, Mini, Metro, Anglia, Kadett, Vauxhall Chevette & Toyota Starlet.

There's nothing that compares to getting the back end out on one of these timeless cars & the physics and handling will have you totally immersed and wanting more.

We have most circuits in the mod from Wimbledon to Ipswich, Brafield to Buxton.

If you’re an old fan or present day follower of this amazing short oval racing, why not join up to enter our Classic Hot Rod Racing online League. You will need to prove your talent & driving skills to show you can race with the best online. Once you do this you’re on your way!

Hot Rods are a non contact formula and no banger racers will be allowed to participate and will be banned from racing online. So keep it clean please...

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Y'all should ask The Hotel in Orlando FL to review this! They provide reviews for automotive related things in Orlando, FL! If you'd like to check out their website, then you can view the website.
bamalover17 on Oct-30-2020

A big thanks goes out to Zolee145 for the permission to convert his track to rfactor2. It was needed for's 2013 RF2 V8Supercar season.
newstart027 on Oct-14-2016

You can drive the legendary MK2 Escort, RS Escort, Zakspeed Escort, MK1 Escort, Mini, Metro, Anglia, Kadett, Vauxhall Chevette & Toyota Starlet. ip address
newstart027 on Oct-14-2016

All info on the game can be found here
Hutch-SCO on Mar-22-2015

Game crashes after extracting files. Any tips on what to do? I am certain all files are in the right place, even went over original extraction to make sure.
Dogfather on Dec-08-2014

Hi, im fairly new to rFactor and really enjoying it, and as a child of the Hot Rod Paddock/Pits throughout the 70's 80's and 90's with my cousin racing Hot Rods for 20 years and making world finals, imagine my joy when i discovered this mod!

i would like to know if there are any Templates for these cars so i could recreate my cousins livery. he raced against George Polley and Barry Lee and even beat them on very wet nights at Wimbledon stadium during the winter series in the late 80's . If i could recreate his livery then i would be a very happy man thanks again for such a fantastic mod.
ducati999rider on Aug-05-2014

Is there a version of this mod with physics suitable for road courses?

If not, would there be any complaints if I were to create HDVs with suspension settings suitable for road courses? I love the older little cars, just not a fan of driving in a circle.
funeralxempire on Jun-20-2014

Yes you could be quite right Mighty, my wheel is a damned old thing but it's worked OK with most mods I've installed so far and that's a fair few. I'm not sure about the force feedback settings and they could possibly be set to rFactor default, I'll check that out next time I try the mod and report back....

thanks for the help bro....
jon157uk on Jun-08-2014

Interesting that only you have a problem where the cars don't handle well Jon and we haven't heard this from anyone else. Are you sure you're running this mod or are you mistaken? There are virtually no instances where you would have to "force" opposite lock in these cars, they have more than enough power for their weight and grip to break traction on the exit of every bend. What wheel are you using and what ffb setup do you use? These cars as stated are built to work with a properly set up real feel plugin only and using the rFactor ffb will make them pretty much undriveable. There's plenty of evidence of them being driven with both push and loose setups all over youtube without spinning the cars at all, so this can only lead me to believe the problem is not with the mod but lies somewhere else. The tyre model is so "untwitchy" and forgiving that actually most people who have spent time racing the mod actually have commented that they would like to see the tyre physics become slightly tighter and more rewarding to the driver who finds the perfect amount of slip in future releases so how you can't find a fast was around a bend with a little oversteer is actually beyond me, but we are here to help if you need advice.
Mighty on May-22-2014

The cars don't handle well at all. if you push them hard enough to force opposite lock they just don't react to the opposite lock and just keep spinning round, the only way to get them driving in a reasonable fashion is to not go much over 50mph..and no, it isn't how I've got the set up, and no it isn't how I drive them, I can get other mods to handle perfectly well at good racing speeds but these cars just do not act realistically.
jon157uk on May-20-2014

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