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Championship Track Manager 2.20


Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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This is a small tool which makes it easier to add seasons to rFactor.
You can set your own tracks, cars, safety-cars & pointsystems for the championship-mode. You can add a varius number of random tracks to the season (so far you have them installed). New seasons will be saved without having missmatches if you play online.

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Latest Championship Track Manager Comments

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I cant seem to choose my rfactor path. It just wont let me. any ideas
rathead4 on Apr-10-2013

Taken me ages to find.

Seasons are stored in the rFm folder.

This is found in the main rFactor folder;

eg C:\program files\rfactor\rFm

They have the .aos file extension and can be opened with Notepad.

The first part of the filename is the same as you saved it in CTDP Manager so you can delete any unwanted seasons.
hdjg on Oct-30-2011

Hello, does anyone know, where this mod saves the Seasons?
Because I have too much and I can't overwrite them, because they doesn't work then.
HrDerLage on May-12-2011

Whatta a shit!

Please learn how to make a championship manager with this guys:

This crap only creates a TXT full of errors, please use NOTEPAD instead.
JorgeAbujamra on Dec-29-2010

Not bad program dude but why you cant decide start type? I hate standing starts so i could use rolling start but you cant choose it...
TriplaJ on Jun-27-2010

Brilliant Mate!!!!! top add on

any chance of one that you can set laps???????????
Scuderia_05 on Apr-26-2010

found out my problem
didnt right click because it had died, so had to ctrl click
Rockett_man on Jan-26-2010

My problem is that all the tracks are in one place, and i cant move them elsewhere. What button do you press to move it.
Rockett_man on Jan-24-2010

I got this error: failed to locate the location path of config.ini..using default one. how to u get this solved? thanks very much
scuderiacampione on Dec-08-2009


I'm trying to get that Champ mgr to run without success.
I tried 3 different ones last nigt and, even if I see them in the game, they all open on Toban track and the next track is also Toban and so on.

And it doesn't save them in the Champ mgr, that's why I've created 3 different ones.

Also, anybody knows where they are situated within the rRactor folder so I can delete them from my game.

Tx in advanced,

LeZaz on Dec-02-2009

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Championship Track Manager