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CarStat 1.50

By: Mee

Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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CarStat 1.5:
This rFactor program shows you useful information of the car you selected. This includes weight, optimal tire and engine temperatures, wear, engine torque/power curves and much more.

Just start the program!

If it doesn't start, you'll probably need Microsoft's .NET framework, which can be found at

If you don't understand how the program works, use the Help function or read the readme.txt.
Basically, select the right VEHicle file with the Vehicle selector (easiest option) or manually and everything should become clear.

If you don't know what a certain value or graph means, hover with your mouse above the description or graph and you'll get a tooltip.

1.5 updates:
- Fixed an issue with mods without a LifetimeAvg-value.
- Compatible with the new rFactor 2 engine files.
- Window is now resizable, this enlarges the graphs with it.
- You can open a vehicle file using the commandline ('carstat.exe vehiclefile.veh').
- You can choose to only open a .TBC tirefile now.

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