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Capri RS X-Mess Edition 1.10

By: Jolo
Origin: Scratch | Fantasy
Category: GT
Initial release: 05-Dec-08
Current release: 1.100, on 26-May-09

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Screenie by: gmatias
Screenie by: gmatias
Screenie by: Jolo
Screenie by: Jolo
Screenie by: Jolo
Screenie by: Jolo
Screenie by: Jolo
Screenie by: Jolo
Screenie by: Jolo
Screenie by: Jolo

Description (Click to toggle Visibility)

Ford Capri RS 3.4 Liter special Edition

This Mod is a special Edition of the Capri RS. I made some Custom Cars, pure for Fun.
Many different Sound specials, opticals and more.

You need the World Championship 1975 Class GTO 3.20 to use this Cars!

It is very importend to uninstall previous Versions of the Capri special Edition, use my uninstaller!

Uninstall (any Version):
Place the included uinstallCapriSpecEd.cmd in the rFactor Main-Folder where the rFactor.exe found.
Doubbleclick the uinstallCapriSpecEd.cmd to remove the completely special Edition from this rFactor installation!

Install (Version 1.1):
Extract in temporary Folder, then press "Capri RS spec Edition.exe" for install to your rFactor Folder!

There is Traction control and ABS available!!! The Rest of the Physics are the same as the 3.4L Capri RS from the World Championship 1975 (in upcomming Version 4.0).

I made all Cars ans Skins by myself.
Please don't use these Paintings or Parts from these Mod, in other Mod's without my Permission!

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having a texturing problem with they van type cars the rear doesnt seem to appear when in a race
wrxsti123 on Aug-19-2013

Metalpro on May-20-2010

Jolo,please give me "World_CS_1975_GTO" 7z-file passworld
bomboo3703 on Apr-26-2010

Also it says that i need a GTL cd ?
GOZR on Feb-04-2010

Hello, I have been waiting for the Capri's mod for a longtime
I was the owner of a Capri RS 2.6 plastic/ Capri RS 3.0 plastic for racing and a late Capri 2.8 cosworth ,
I'm coming back on Rfactor because of it.

Please i need also the password for the download.( PM/email )

Thank you greatly.
GOZR on Feb-04-2010

please give me "World_CS_1975_GTO" 7z-file passworld.
kidddd on Jan-12-2010

could it be done though could you make a 70 boss 302 or a 1990 stang they had the same size moter by the way if you could would you please i would be most gratefull
68chevy on Jan-10-2010

sorry, but that is not a good looking Car.
I take a look to some Pictures, but i love the Boss 302 ;-)
Jolo on Jan-09-2010

im in love with 5.0 mustangs do you think you could make a mod with those fox body years 87 to 93 i have never seen a 5.0 in any game before i have one myself its a 90 blue with grey bottems white conv top there fun and fas cars would love to see a mod some day
68chevy on Jan-08-2010

yeah would be great to drive mad max┬┤ V8 favourite muscle car movie :-P
the mod is pretty cool,dude!
Matzl21 on Dec-18-2009

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