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Bobs Track Builder 0.80

By: Piddy

Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Bobs Track Builder is an easy-to-use track building tool that allows you to more easily create interesting tracks for rFactor and Richard Burns Rally. Still under development with new releases made every couple of months, the number of features will grow over time.

Recent features include the addition of Objects.

Here's a brief run-down of the more commonly used features.

- Export directly to rFactor and Richard Burns Rally, no need for 3d Max.
- Import GPS or Google Earth data.
- Click and drag track creation uses splines to form all polygons. This allows you to design tracks in minutes rather than hours.
- Support for Circuit and Point-to-Point tracks.
- Terrain can now be added with advanced support for material blending.
- Objects and String Objects allow complex shapes to be added.
- Use a background image to trace your track, then use it for the terrain.
- Predefined materials allow creation of different surfaces.
- Add your own Materials using the flexible XML format.
- Advanced support for in-game Bump and Specular, Multipl and Add maps.
- Transparency support.
- Modifiable cross sections allow great detail and easy change in surface shape.
- Add camber (tilt) to your whole track or to individual sections using a simple camber tool.
- Change the width of tracks and have width changes smoothly interpolate using simple click and drag methods.
- Add Walls and Fences to your track and if you decide to make height or position adjustments to your track, they will also automatically adjust saving hours of editing.

Try the demo which allows you to use all of the features available in the Professional version for a limited time.

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Why not just pay the price for his work? It's not hard to realize that when you pay for someone's program, you're trading the product of your intellectual capacity for the product of theirs at an exchange rate that you deem reasonable. If it doesn't seem reasonable, use your intellectual capacity to write your own, better product.

Otherwise, if you crack the full version OR download it, you're stealing the product of his intellectual capacity. Stop thinking you're entitled to the fruits of others' labors just because you have a scarcity of money or programming knowledge.
SOneThreeCoupe on Nov-09-2013

With all the facts that the track builder really isn't free, it's a DEMO!!! Sooner or later people are gonna crack the full version and torrent it. Piddy, save the hassle of that and make the program entirely 100% free and the full version 100% free as well. That way, people wouldn't have to get the full version and crack it.
devildante on Sep-15-2013

The new hotlink to the support forum:
Technician on Dec-23-2011

While most of gamers are poor, some of us would be willing to donate dollars to the cause if that option was available. It seems charging for this would make you some money but do nothing for the game.
ferrisms on Sep-25-2011

is there any news on how BTB will work with rFactor 2? I don't want to spend £50 on something that will be obsolete later this year.
TheLoveNinja on Jun-22-2011

BTB dead?
damnation on Feb-04-2011

i second that it should be free! should've been from the start if you ask me, but hey, i'm broke what do i know. rf2 is due sometime soon, and still this costs money. just a bit, i mean a small bit greedy.. oh the sarcasm
Orange99z28 on Jan-12-2011

Hi. I'm 15 & have no money, Would it kill ya to make it free?!
Dalek1995 on Oct-15-2010

piddy, i have a version for a graphic card not pixel shaders, please, for a viev with textures?
formidable on Aug-23-2010

i think ill get btb after all
i have windows 7 64bit and the demo seemed to work fine with no problems
nh racing on Jul-22-2010

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Bobs Track Builder