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Birmingham Motorplex 1.55

By: Scott Juliano
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 12-Sep-05
Current release: 1.550, on 01-May-07

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Screenie by: halama123
Screenie by: halama123
Screenie by: halama123
Screenie by: halama123
Screenie by: Kimi
Screenie by: Kimi
Screenie by: Kimi
Screenie by: Kimi
Screenie by: Alex Belico
Screenie by: Alex Belico

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Wow--could the 1.5 update have been any more rough? :)

Here is 1.55--a full install to keep everyone on the same page. This fixes the lap count bug on the GP layout (which was being caused by a mistake in the garage paths), moves the apex tires away form the track a bit to allow a couple wheels in the grass, and also adds the apex tires (and some other things) to the HAT file to prevent them being cheated (shame on you guys :) ).

There's also a few other fixes that you all brought to my attention. Please see the readme for a full list.

To my knowledge everything that has been mentioned as "broke" or "bugged" is now fixed. This should be the last update for this track until V2.0 sometime in the future...


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bayu01 on Sep-15-2017








bayu01 on Sep-15-2017

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reiner09 on Sep-08-2017

good from Settings as well as Protection menu will certainly videos on the Android device, go to the Settings. nice.
McAllister16 on Feb-17-2017

Nice job guys ! Also brother dave although your question is now 3 years old I feel compelled to answer it & normally when the cars hang up its when the .tdf file isn't linked up properly. To fix this make sure you have the Birmingham.tdf file in the Birmingham_MP folder & once you have checked it is in there goto & open up with notepad the tracks .gdb file (...MP_Club.gdb or ...MP_Long.gdb etc.) then change the line in the .gdb notepad to: TerrainDataFile = ..\Birmingham.tdf & save the changes & that should fix it. If for any reason you can't manage to do this & you are really stuck then just open up the .gdb file(s) & go ahead & delete this full line in the notepad: TerrainDataFile = ..\Birmingham.tdf & leave this line totally out of the notepad & this will then make the track revert back to using the default rFactor terrain.tdf file found in the ....\GameData\Locations folder by default.
MrGeesus on May-09-2013

I just loaded this track and I think it is really nice...but...I find that the cars, "Indy Cars", hang up when trying to leave the garage area..??? I had this happen once before...a long time ago and I can't remember what sim...GTR I think...but have no idea what to do about it. Anyone out there have a fix for this...??
Oh, btw...I looked at a reply of my start and you can see me in the garage and it shows the front of the car 'dropping off' the pad when coming out, therefore the bottom of the racer drags and hangs up. Any advice/thoughts on this. Many thanks,
Brother Dave on Apr-13-2010

blatant advertising.. lol.. jesus.. you never even mentioned this great track work.. just the mod and your site.. ffs
_FIREWIRE_ on Feb-27-2010

The Indycar series did some shakedown testing Feb24/25/26 at Barber under cold conditions, at one point AM practice was cancelled due to snow. It didn't stick, but there was enough falling to hold off.

Tires never reached optimal temps but the track is just abrasive enough to get them warm. Relative Air density was in the 125% range so the cars had a ton of power with no grip.

Franchetti stuffed his car in the fence after an off course at T12.

Best lap times were in the 1:09's. Apex speeds are off a bit due to colder tires although the power levels from the colder air somewhat offset that. Tuning wasn't aggressive as this was a test. I would take an educated guess that race day pole lap times will be in the 1:05 range.

I spent a long day testing various Indycar mods to see which ones came closest to the real thing using trap speeds that were adjusted for the temp & RAD delta. Looks like at this track the most accurate mod is the iDT ChampCar 2007/2008 Version 1.2 mod. While other tracks may be different, this is the mod I'll be using for the 2010 Indycar Racing League series at rFactor-League this season.

We'll have a server running through the weekend:
. Server Name =
. Mod - 2007 ChampCar WS v1.2 by iDT
. Track - BIRMINGHAM_MP_LONG (V1.55)

Would love to see who can set the fastest lap times!
IMSA GTP on Feb-27-2010

ese circuito no es el Barber Sports Motorpark de alabama estados unidos , donde supuestamente iban a hacer las pruebas el usf1 ??
martin alberto olmos on Feb-27-2010

A portion of the mid sector and last sector is too dark at night - not affected by headlights.
maranello55 on Dec-06-2009

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