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Bathurst Legends 1969 1.20

By: AUS-Modders
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Touring
Initial release: 09-Aug-08
Current release: 1.200, on 01-Aug-09

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Screenie by: T-M-Photos
Screenie by: T-M-Photos
Screenie by: T-M-Photos
Screenie by: T-M-Photos
Screenie by: JimC1702
Screenie by: JimC1702
Screenie by: JimC1702
Screenie by: JimC1702
Screenie by: [MAD]Hammer
Screenie by: [MAD]Hammer

Description (Click to toggle Visibility)

AusModders of proudly present the Bathurst Legends 1969 v1.2 mod for Rfactor.Re-live the days of that famous 1969 showroom showdown where the mighty GTHO Falcon legend began and the Chevy V8 Holdens rained supreme.

Why this year you ask ? The Bathurst 1969 race was hyped as a true
showdown of Fords new HO muscle verses the mighty Holden chevy.
1969 was a battle for sales (What won on Sunday, Sold on Monday) and both manufacturers had allot at stake. Holden were keen to loft the My Panarama trophy after the underdog Falcon GT dominated the previous year. 1969 therefore was a great year to start and will always be in the memory of those that remember the race as a classic piece of Australian motor racing history.

It was an era where families were either Ford or Holden fans and there was no middle ground. Battles broke out in streets over the brand you supported and there were no compromises if you were on the opposing team.

We have tried to capture the feel of these cars in all aspects of the Mod
and we hope you all enjoy.

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***change log for full release 1.2***
* Tweaked Tyre File
* Fixed incorrect fuel tank sizes
* Updated skins with 1970 added plus some misc skins of the era
* Reduced pit stop times for fuel, tyres and damage by request
* Reduced shift delay times by request
* Some small suspension tweaks/fixes
* Added extra wheel options for 1970
* Some small model refinements

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"Battles broke out in the streets...."

LOL! Gimme a break!!

The only "battles" were those between a couple of pissed-to-the-eyeballs idiots who made life unpleasant for everyone else in a particular pub that I was drinking in on the Saturday night before the race.
brucek on Dec-22-2014

does anyone have the norm beechey skin?
anels9 on Nov-18-2012
Anyone looking for this mod will find it and almost any other mod also.
Excellent work with this mod also. Thank you for the experience AUS-Modders
Leaves on Sep-07-2012

Anyother FREE Links like Media fire that don't require payment or login? If so please add it!
07890799040 on Feb-02-2012

These bangers look awesome.

Where can I get them?
Chewy102 on Jan-09-2011

Links broken
VLGroupa on Nov-23-2010

dose this ave bangers on
bungal on Oct-28-2010

Gday guys, fairly new to rFactor. Just wanted to drop in and say thanks for this mod its really awesome. I love the sounds and throwing these things around steering on the throttle!
If I had anything to say about improvements it would be that the models are a bit jagged/low poly count, but im sure that plenty of work went into these so who am I to argue I sure cant make them.

Thanks again
BroncosXR8 on Sep-14-2010

Any chance of a link anywhere for this version of the mod???
murf on Jul-25-2010

fab great mod lots of appreciation
bluey007 on Apr-25-2010

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Bathurst Legends 1969