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Bahrain International 2.00

Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 01-May-06
Current release: 2.000, on 01-May-09

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Screenie by: norbeerF
Screenie by: norbeerF
Screenie by: norbeerF
Screenie by: norbeerF
Screenie by: Cika Mika
Screenie by: Cika Mika
Screenie by: LordCayman
Screenie by: LordCayman
Screenie by: Deividas1995
Screenie by: Deividas1995

Description (Click to toggle Visibility)

Bahrain International Circuit v1.0 was the first CTDP release for rFactor and brought you one of the newest and also most exciting GP circuits in the modern era, Dusty surface and desert feeling guaranteed!

Now exactly 3 years later, on CTDP’s 8th birthday, we gave the track a major facelift with new Textures, Shaders and additional layouts and cool features. We hope the community enjoys our birthday present!


* Accurate 3d Modeled Curbs And Track Surface (Including Most Accurate Turn 4 To Date)
* Variable Grip Level
* Offline Dust
* 24 Hour Nightlighting
* 5 Layouts (F1 2006 Grand Prix, V8 Desert 400 2009, 24 Hour, Outter, Inner)
* Accurate F1 2006 Advertising
* Accurate 2009 V8 Supercar Advertising
* Tirebundle’s For V8 Layout
* Accurate 2006 Pit Garage Texture’s
* Multiple Camera Sets
* High and Low Resolution Texture Options


* Everything (Brand New Track)

NOTE: This is a beta Version. There are some bugs but we thought it would be nice to have the new version of Bahrain out for our 8th birthday and exactly 3 years after the release of Bahrain v1.0.


Special thanks to Prozac, who did pretty much the whole track alone. Wherever you are, thank you very much. :) Andy “Neidryder” Neidhard, Pitbox remapping, Tirebundles. Shaun “WHAT21A” Stroud, 2006 F1 Pitbox textures, 2006 F1 Advertising, 2009 V8 Supercar Advertising. Michael “Speed12? Borda Modified TDF, New AIW, Modified GDB. Daniel “Dahie” Senff, Some 2006 Pitboxes.

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Latest Bahrain International Comments

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This is the error I get when trying to load the V8 layout version:

EDIT: After I downloaded Bahrain Circuit 2.0 it works, great job
JZ3Racing on Oct-29-2012

Track would not load up, don't know why but thouhgt I should say so..
JamesDeGreat on Sep-22-2012

I like the mod a lot, it looks really accurate but i have one problem. The AI in almost every car i try brakes to late at the first corner and sometimes also in last corner so i can't really race against them because they are always going off the track. The only solution i found is putting the difficulty level of the AI lower, than they don't go off the track but just are way to slow. So i hope you can fix this, you really should make the AI braking earlier in the first and last corner.
steijnio on Apr-24-2012

There is a bug in the first corner, the car is lifted off the ground
Metalpro on Apr-07-2012

Circuit Bahrein 2011?
f1dj on Feb-07-2011

I don't suppose you guys could update it to allow for 40 cars to race here. Some leagues and chapters would like to host an Enduracer Race here, but 28 cars is not enough when we are dealing with four classes.
Matt Willoughby on Feb-05-2011

How do you do the .bik tv file
Rockett_man on Dec-08-2010

... and when will that release happen, Doser? As best I can tell, the absolutely stunnng 2010 track used by F1liga is not for public release. I am hoping that at some point they decide to release this gem.
lawndartleo on Nov-02-2010

My previous comment is about the link from the previous post.......... I don't mean CTDP's track. CTDP's Bahrain is one of the best custom tracks ever made for rFactor. That is a fact! All other versions of Bahrain are absolute FAIL, or they are copied off CTDP.
doser on Mar-18-2010

Terrible version... not realistic... nothing like the real track.... I'll wait for CTDP 2010.
doser on Mar-18-2010

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