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BMW M1 ProCar 1979-1980 2.00

By: gpcracer and Hitman_M3
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: GT
Initial release: 18-Jun-08
Current release: 2.000, on 17-Aug-11

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Screenie by: frantic00
Screenie by: frantic00
Screenie by: Juju
Screenie by: Juju
Screenie by: berndmann
Screenie by: berndmann
Screenie by: HouzE
Screenie by: HouzE
Screenie by: Wakeupdead88
Screenie by: Wakeupdead88

Description (Click to toggle Visibility)

We have just added a physics fix for version 2
as we missed a tyre file for the gr4 cars ...
see link
We are very pleased to announce the release of Version 2 Of the M1 Procar mod ...

The mod has also grown to include a 3rd season which is loosely based on the 2008 BMW M1 Procar revival race , this race was also open to all Bmw M1 cars and we have included lots of New M1's Not seen before ..

We have some amazing New sounds from Wolferl the god of Sound when it comes to making car sounds ...

Juju has also done some amazing work to improve the model and mesh so the car looks so much better than before ...

We have also done a lot of work on the Physics to try and replicate what it's actually like to drive the beast of a car that the M1 Is ...It takes nerves of steel and lots of Patience to master these cars they react very well to setup changes so dont give up too easily and you will be rewarded ....

We have done lots of testing online with the mod and we reguarly race at a great place to race ....We have a season in progress at the moment if you would like to join this great league ....
We have had to split the mod into 3 seperate downloads ...

Please Download an install the mod in order ...Parts 1-2-3 ...Or Alternatively you can Download the FULL Install ...

Hope you enjoy ....Please leave constructive comments here and we will try and get back to you

BiTDT 2011 are
GpcRacer ///Team Leader//Painter
Hitman_M3 ///Physics//Painter
Gianluca Desposito ///Modeler //Painter
Steve Parker ///Beta Tester
Carlo Pozzi ///Beta Tester
JuJu ///3d Mesh and Modelling
Wolferl /// Sounds
Jukka Mattanenn /// Upgrades
Tiago Malafaya /// PreGame video ,Beta tester

BITDT Would also like to thank the HX team for permission to use the Tyre model taken from the HistoryX mod, DT Pantera, with kind permission from Niels Heuksinveld (Author)

Also many thanks to people who helped in making Version 1 possible

Turb [Physik / Conversion / Technic / Organisator]
6e66o [2DArtist/Betatester]
All the Guys at GMSF who helped with the sounds and original physics ...

Original Team BITDT...
BmwRacer42 [Team/Leader/Painter]
GpcRacer [Painter]
TBaldwin [Modeler/Painter]
HITMAN_M3 [Physics]

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Latest BMW M1 ProCar 1979-1980 Comments

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the link BMW M1 ProCar 1979-1980 2.00 is the full one take and klick on more links instead so long at least one download links work its enough
Slobbeman on Nov-10-2012

Full install link is dead, mind fixing it? Thnaks in advance.
LOL server on Nov-09-2012

How can we contact you guys?
DigitalApex on Sep-30-2012

Thank you so very much for your great work
10 out of 10
Ozibimmer on Mar-05-2012

grip issues...

BUG: the cars using BMWM1_PROCAR.hdv are actually picking up the pacecar files, including the pacecar tirefile, this can be also fixed by renaming the pacecar tirefile to something other than BMWM1_GoodYear_Tyre.tbc

dont know how editing the pacecar will affect multiplayer, si I am not going to do it.
Just a hint for possible patch
morning_wood on Sep-11-2011

Downloaded this mod Works just fine but no Rims at all... seems weird i downloaded the Full Install if that changes anything
Mastertaco on Sep-08-2011

Thanks for this mod.The sound is great.The throaty,growling roar of this car is so cool,especially when downshifting....but....the rear end steps out just a little to easily under downshift or over a rise.I love countersteering and controling a skid but this is a little to much.Do any of the physics fixes help with this problem.Any help appreciated,thanx.
pnadin61 on Sep-08-2011


c'mon, don't you know that EVERYONE has driven an M1... So they can all comment on how real, and true the "ingame" car handles.

folks, none of us, to my knowledge, have driven most of the cars in our game. So how can we comment on how real it is? If you just spent 3 weeks driving the Beetle, or the Rhez... how can you expect to jump in an M1 or any other car and expect to be fast, or know how it is going to drive. REAL drivers spend countless hours driving, tweaking, driving, and tweaking to get to KNOW a car, then make it go fast..... Just ask Jackie Stewart.
hpiracer on Aug-29-2011

reading "M cars" magazine special edition, Ron Dennis comments that there was very limited adjustments on the suspension.
Personally I find the cars to be ok in terms of stability as I am converting the mod to GTR2 and handles the bumps just fine ( monza and spa for example )
morning_wood on Aug-23-2011

Well, not to bad but the main difficulty is not the car itself but the default setup that definitively sucks, especially suspension setting which are totally upside down, and the limited setup range to keep artificially the car difficult to handle (i think especially of rear high speed rebound that cannot be set to a "reel smart" value and keep the car flying over the bumps at high speed)

The mod is pretty nice, the sounds are good and the car is funny to drive on a "flat track" but almost impossible to handle at high speed on a bumpy one because of it's suspension setting that sucks and cannot be adjusted correctly.

For now DRM Revival mod is far more enjoyable to race with, with more models and especially drivable cars
guinnessman on Aug-22-2011

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BMW M1 ProCar 1979-1980