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Autodromo Internacional Algarve 1

By: nferraz
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 02-Aug-09
Current release: 1, on 02-Aug-09

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Screenie by: nferraz
Screenie by: nferraz
Screenie by: nferraz
Screenie by: nferraz
Screenie by: HamiltonV2
Screenie by: HamiltonV2
Screenie by: nferraz
Screenie by: nferraz
Screenie by: nferraz
Screenie by: nferraz

Description (Click to toggle Visibility)

The AIA track is located in the south of Portugal better known as the Algarve. Located in Portimao it is a mix of fast flowing circuit with many elevation changes. I am doing the best to get the track as good as possible. There are very few resources available for me but I will do my best to try to recreate the circuit the best I can. Its debut was october 2008 with the last round of the SBK World Championship.

Released !

Autodromo Internacional Algarve v. 1.0

I decided to release the track to mark the LMS series race and therefore only the LMS layout is available, other layouts will be included soon as well as more realistic grass and gravel textures that FanLebowski is working on.


Extract the file portimao.rar directly into your Locations folder


- ISI for this great simulation and some objects and textures ( will be replaced by custom made soon )

- Piddy for making BTB and everyone who contributed with Xpacks

- FanLebowski for the Loading screens, his help in texturing and overall support, beta testing and for pushing me beyond my own expectations.:)

- Manoel for his valuable help solving many 3d related issues

- AlexV from Digital Apex Modding for his Excellent photos and his support.

GTR2 version will be available in the near future also, so to all the simbin fans stay tunned.

Beta testers

- FanLebowski
- Manoel
- Electrolabs
- Myself



The use of the track is for private use with rfactor only. Any conversion, modifcation or comercial use of the track or of its contents is forbidden without the proper authorization of the author.

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The textures used should get a mip bias correction.

The longer the distance, the more blurry the road surface texture gets.

Load your track in BTB
Go to Edit Materials>Venue Materials.
click on the road surface textures

Go to Textures. At the low right you will see MIP Bias. (Default is mostly 0)
For road textures make this -3 or -4.

erwin greven on Jan-25-2013

The hard-stick in the first turn is criminal. It's the only flaw of the track because is too dangerous for a pretended official track for tournament racing.
Ripperian on Sep-04-2012

New personal version with new textures go
catboy on Feb-08-2012

Parabéns a pista é muito boa e funciona lindamente, muito obrigado
trocadilhos on Jul-01-2011

When will you be releasing a version with the new final chicane?
maxhurtz on Feb-02-2011

This track is not loading!!! Every track for rfactor is loading on my computer but not Portimao...someone help please
Magidion on Dec-17-2010

Bom trabalho NFerraz,

Alguma possibilidade de contacto privado? sou novato nisto mas gostaria de saber se poderei usar a sua pista em eventos que irei fazer

luisenna on Aug-25-2010

If anyone is having trouble or some kind of error loading the track, try download it with firefox or Chrome. Sometimes downloads with the IE are not well completed.

Have fun.

Nice track by the away, everybody should have it.
DanielMendonca on Jun-14-2010

hi nferraz do you have a please
cbr600f98 on May-12-2010

to all ppl who have problems with the loading screen crashing: put the texture details from max. to high. that might help. it worked for me
The_NFS on Feb-21-2010

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