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Austin Healey 100 M 1

By: Art-Tech-uk (Si)
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Street
Initial release: 30-Oct-10
Current release: 1, on 02-Nov-10

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Screenie by: Mombassa
Screenie by: Mombassa
Screenie by: art-tech-uk
Screenie by: art-tech-uk
Screenie by: art-tech-uk
Screenie by: art-tech-uk
Screenie by: art-tech-uk
Screenie by: art-tech-uk
Screenie by: art-tech-uk
Screenie by: art-tech-uk

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One of the cheapest ways to get to 100 mph in the 1950s was to buy an Austin Healey 100. Aptly named, the 100 easily reached speeds of over 100mph, when it was launched in 1952. Production started in 1954. For 1955 major changes were made to the drivetrain with an all new gearbox and further improvements were carried out. Especially for racing purposes Austin Healey built an S version of the 100 with an alloy body and tweaked engine.

The nimble and powerful 100 S proved a huge success. To bring some of the 'S-magic' to the road Austin Healey offered a Le Mans special package for the 100 road car. 100s fitted with the Le Mans package were referred to as 100M. Engine modifications like a higher compression ratio, bigger SU carbs and high-lift camshafts, saw power increase from 90 bhp to 110 bhp for the M. The factory equipped 1100 100s with the Le Mans package and another 100 were later modified.

By 1956 the 4 cylinder 100 was replaced by a more powerful 6 cylinder variant.

Country of origin - England
Produced from - 1955 - 1956
Numbers built - 1100 + 100

Configuration - Straight 4
Location - Front, longitudinally mounted
Construction - iron block and head
Displacement - 2.66 liter / 162.3 cu in
Bore / Stroke - 87.4 mm (3.4 in) / 111.2 mm (4.4 in)
Compression - 8.1:1
Valvetrain - 2 valves / cylinder, OHV
Fuel feed - 2 SU H6 Carburettors
Aspiration - Naturally Aspirated

Chassis/body - steel body on ladder frame
Front suspension - wishbones, coil springs, anti-roll bar
Rear suspension - live axle, semi-elliptic leaf springs
Steering - cam and peg
Brakes - drums, all-round
Gearbox - 4 speed Manual
Drive - Rear wheel drive

Weight - 1082 kilo / 2385.4 lbs
Length / Width / Height - 3759 mm (148 in) / 1422 mm (56 in) / 956 mm (37.6 in)
Wheelbase / Track (fr/r) - 2286 mm (90 in) / 1245 mm (49 in) / 1290 mm (50.8 in)

Performance figures:
Power - 110 bhp / 82 KW @ 4500 rpm
Torque - 217 Nm / 160 ft lbs @ 2500 rpm
BHP/Liter - 41 bhp / liter
Power to weight - 0.1 bhp / kg
Top Speed - 175 km/h / 109 mph
0-60 mph - 9.6 s

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One of the cheapest ways to get to 100 mph in the 1950s was to buy an Austin Healey 100.
... and nowadays it is one of the most expensive ways.
stronzo2 on May-31-2015

Anybody found a fix for the dark windshield? It ruins an otherwise good mod.
reggiebrooks on Dec-01-2011

Very nice mod, I have to agree with the other posts that the windshield is much too dark, otherwise a very fun car to drive. Thank You for providing this mod=)
Speedgirl on Dec-12-2010

fun small cars
Trollpwer on Nov-25-2010

anyone know of a datsun 510 mod?
forevette on Nov-20-2010

Lot of good information for an update.
art-tech-uk on Nov-20-2010

Nice mod. Could use more damage. When I hit an solid object, nothing happened, just bounced off. No damage whatsoever to the car. Otherwise fun mod. I too think the windshield is too dark to drive from the cockpit. How bout an upgrade option to fold down the windshield?
mcb52 on Nov-17-2010

Love these old cars! I used to work for a main dealer back in the 60's and got to drive many of what are now regarded as classics. however there were some cars I was not allowed out on the roads in, including the "big Healeys", and Triumph TR's as I was only 17 at the time. So its a treat to be able to play and pretend now!
martracer on Nov-16-2010

Hi, I owned a 1956 Austin Healey 100 back in the 60s. It was a rare one with a four speed with overdrive in third and fourth. I understand AH opened up the first gear gate on the old taxi trany to compete with Triumph who had a four speed. One point I wanted to make is that the windshield was designed to fold down. you loosened two thumb knobs about midway up the windshield frame, pull the base up and moved it forward where pins on the bottom of the frame mated with two chrome sockets. this put the windshield below your line of sight.
J B Lansing on Nov-06-2010

Thanks for the mod. As I get more and more into the game I find myself enjoying these older cars

I am no expert on modding so all the discussion about tyres and such are beyond me, but I have to agree the windshield thing is a bit distracting

Oh and love the sound I race with headphones, so I get the most out of any car's sound. And this one is up there

Keep up the great work
Wizard from oz on Nov-05-2010

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