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Ascari Race Resort 1

By: Oscar Hernández
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 27-Mar-10
Current release: 1, on 27-Mar-10

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Screenie by: todofauna
Screenie by: todofauna
Screenie by: todofauna
Screenie by: todofauna
Screenie by: _FIREWIRE_
Screenie by: _FIREWIRE_
Screenie by: _FIREWIRE_
Screenie by: _FIREWIRE_
Screenie by: todofauna
Screenie by: todofauna

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Ascari Race Resort, located in Malaga, is the latest in circuit design incorporating a complex that will challenge you with features modeled on the slopes of the world's finest. The requirements of the circuit is elucidated as a project to perfection, longer than most of the Formula 1 circuit, with twice as many bends. We are encouraged at full speed and allows for maximum versatility. With a total length of 5.425 meters is the longest circuit in Spain and arguably the most beautiful in the world. Its unique design is due to the six possible configurations, allowing different activities.


- 30 pilots
- 15 Teams with 2 pilots
- 25 curves
- Quick Circuit

I want to thank all who have supported me for this circuit because I just start in this world.

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Yeah Virus Warning with all three Links :-(

Could someone reup without "Tr/Dropper Gen Virus"? thanks
Jeffrey3456 on Sep-14-2010


Download link to FileFront now comes up with an error message, which maybe because the rar file their contained a setup.exe file which was a TROJAN. If you see a setup.exe file in your track Location folder then delete it.

I later re-downloaded via the Megaupload link. As soon as the download had finished my Anti-Virus program alerted me to a Trojan within the Ascari.exe file.

Have not downloaded via the rFactor SP direct link.
Fastfest on Aug-08-2010
Xevipiu on May-07-2010

Por desgracia, este proyecto esta años luz en calidad de esta otra versión, con una sola vuelta uno saca concluciones

Mucha suerte, la vaís a necesitar
Xevipiu on May-07-2010

Ole ole porfin el Circuito de Ascari en rfactor.
Esperamos una actualización
PeriDj on Apr-17-2010

OK, Bad understood, sorry, but I still think the release of this track, has been made too, too too soon, and I know what is to do a track,

bomba77 on Apr-14-2010

bomba77, when he said "arguably the most beautiful in the world" he wasn't talking about the mod he was talking about the real track, think before u speak
megaspeed2 on Apr-14-2010

hi, to be honest, you are very optimist saying "arguably the most beautiful in the world", dont make me laught, I dont know what circuit you have, but the one I ve downloaded..... buff, ok the layout is not bad, but :
1- It hasnt got a Fast pad for AI
2- You must work to improve, facilities, walls, people, grandstands
3- Some objects are so close to the track, I ve never seen that,
4- You can collide with trees, unaceptable, for modern circuits
5- Cameras?, I have to review them
6- I like some space near to curves, in case that the car goes out, (like in modern circuits), you can put gravel or sand, tarmac instead, ok
definetely, you have to work harder on it, there are a lot of circuits, where they creators had worked so much
bomba77 on Apr-07-2010
Nathy204 on Apr-06-2010

thankyou very much for this brilliant circuit! looks like a fantastic work! thankyou can't wait to beat the stig and clarkson lol! lambo and ferrari cahallenge comin up for me!!! he hee! brilliant
legendsatlunch on Apr-04-2010

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