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American Muscle 3

By: MR_ELLERY and ZerkelMotorwerks
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Touring
Initial release: 14-Jan-07
Current release: 3, on 20-Nov-07

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Screenie by: kapangstock_la4
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This is a standalone version of AMMV3. Please delete all of V2 before installing. File contains a folder called rFactor. Simply extract to where you have your rFactor file installed.

Well after ANOTHER three months of work here's the third release of American Muscle.
It includes a 1968 Cuda, 1969 Camaro SS, 1970 Boss Mustang, 1970 Challenger R/T ,1970 Nova SS,1961 Ford Falcon,1970 Ford Torino,1969 Dodge Charger,1970 Dodge Daytona and a paintable El Camino pace car.
These cars do not in anyway represent any type of racing series (historic or present) or any particular engine and drive train configuration,they are just racecars.

New to V3
New cars,new physics,should work better with Realfeel,Sound pack by MethylEthyl,lots of other stuff:)
I would like to give a big THANK YOU to Tundra_Schumacher and Team Tundra who's advice, support, testing and skinning skills really made this mod into what you have now.
A very special thanks to Jan Kohl for permission to use the Falcon
Would also like to thank Jim Beam and Gjon Camaj for helping to "lock it in Eddy" :)
Sound Files
Big thanks to MethylEthyl for his awesome sound pack which include:
New internal/external audio for all makes of cars.
Added custom damage, roadnoise, ambient, tire noise ect.
Added audio upgrade selections, customize with selectable sound sets for each car make.

You will find paint templates(some good,some not so) for all the cars in x:\rFactor\GameData\Vehicles\AMM\Templates

AUS_ELLERY............3d modeling,Model conversions,all physics and gen files,Paintjobs
ZMW_silver.........Camaro Model and conversion
Freew67...............basic mustang mesh
Zachary...............basic Barracuda mesh
Scott99...............Challenger mesh
Musclecarfreak........Nova Mesh
Ron Woods.............trashed el camino mesh :)
Jeremy Sharp..........1961 Falcon
Tick(Of GTA fame).....Daytona
ZMW_Schumacher.....Paintjobs/Project coordinater
And to a cast of thousands who participated in the online testing and bug extermination process,thank you all.

Unknow models

The two unknowns come from some now defunct free model sites a very long time ago,if you think you are,or know the author of these models contact me and i will credit or remove them at your discretion


Disclaimer stuff-->>If youre computer blows up while installing this mod,it wasn't me,it was Global warming :)
This mod is not to be converted to any other sim, or used in any pay arcade settingsv

Copyright 2007 ZerkelMotorwerks/AUS_ELLERY

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Overall, disappointing.
Dogfather on Apr-08-2015

Originally posted by: wojcio999

Hey, can u guys tell me how to make the charger do a wheelie?, i did it before but i forgot, i knw you have to change something with the weight


Lol, I can't even get it to do a burnout, for crying' out loud. Somethings wrong with the torque or grip settings. These cars should be able to roast the rubber off the rims.
x2611 on Feb-09-2013

how to make the Charger do a wheelie?
DomToretto on May-12-2012

Hey, can u guys tell me how to make the charger do a wheelie?, i did it before but i forgot, i knw you have to change something with the weight
wojcio999 on Sep-08-2011

The Archive of this mod from rFactor central is damaged and missing the rfm file you can search and find another link for this mod just tyoe Ammv3 into your search! As for the mod this is a great example on how cars of this type are actually suppose to drive in real life!! I am sure there are those that would say this is to easy for them and are a part of a group trying to make things as difficult as possible and in turn ruining a lot of the real life experience in many of the sims out there. The physics on these cars are great and I have hopes that the creator of this mod will continue with his works in the future. Bottom line a race car is suppose to be controllable and these are Thanks Mr._Ellery
Birddogg66 on Jul-04-2011

Nice selection of cars disappointing that the graphics are so crap any chance of re-doing this mod with better graphics ?
Twest on Jun-02-2011

Id Love to see a 1971 Plymouth RoadRunner or GTX )) (Hint Hint)
mrteflon on Apr-18-2011

download it from here:

unzip it to an empty file, then just copy and paste. it should work fine
TUNDRA_schumacher on Apr-17-2011

ok im new to this but finally got it to work you need to install a program to unpack the rar file when you first unpack it and add to game it seems some of us just get grey box cars with temp on side there is another rar file to unpack in game data Vehicles torrino why its not auto detected i dont know but after unpacking this and adding to game all cars seem to be running hope this helps someone .
gchef12 on Jan-27-2011

Hi, Just cannot get this to work. 4 DL, and each time a 3 corrept files in zip.
Any ideas on why?

cseturbo on Nov-12-2010

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American Muscle