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Alto de Velefique 1

By: Csg
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Temporary Circuits
Initial release: 24-Dec-11
Current release: 1, on 25-Dec-11

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Screenie by: Csg2
Screenie by: Csg2
Screenie by: Csg2
Screenie by: Csg2
Screenie by: Csg2
Screenie by: Csg2
Screenie by: Csg2
Screenie by: Csg2
Screenie by: Csg2
Screenie by: Csg2

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Trazado situado en la provincia de Almería de unos 11 Km de longitud y con una altitud de 1860m, la subida se compone de 15 horquillas, zonas muy técnicas y rápidas y 2 chicanes para demostrar la destreza al volante.

Gracias a Zaxxon y a BTB.

Layout located in the province of Almería about 11 kilometers long and at an altitude of 1860m, the hill climb is composed of 15 forks, highly technical areas, fast areas and 2 chicanes to demonstrate driving skills.

Thanks to Zaxxon and to BTB.

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Track Mesh, walls and fences: Doug Lynch
Some 3D models by Google.
newstart027 on Nov-30-2016

TomBrady12 you said it.

I am so very grateful for the passion & enthusiasm put into developing these tracks.

Instead of complaining build your own so we can try your masterful work.
Sneaker72 on Jun-15-2013

no hagas eprder el tiempo a la gente vaya mierda de circuito i lo de los baches en las curvas muy bueno
radikal69 on Nov-24-2012

CapitanulHaos on Aug-14-2012

it's pretty rediculous that people would even think about talking that way, especially because this isn't even close to being a bad track. I've found more major imprefections with targa florio than this track and that track is always held in high regards. this is a great track, and it's good quality. the only thing I've found wrong was there were random barriers in the middle of the road at 2 spots. don't know why they're there but I just drive around them. and eitherway, people need to remember what this is, people spend tons of time, just to create content we can use for free, how can you complain about it when it's "not to your liking". seriously, get a life people, if you don't have something constructive to say, don't say it
TomBrady12 on Jan-10-2012

i dont understand why some people keep bitching about tracks they dont like??guys!!!!you dont have to keep them in your pc..if you dont like some tracks just delete them and go on in life...maybe some constructive criticism would be more appreciated!! Quertreiber grab a bobs track builder and start your own track please!!and than post it here..lets see what you can do!!!
tureas on Jan-06-2012

You bloody ignorant.. grab track making tools and actually TRY it yourself. Meh why I bother, I know you won't do it. I'll just tell you that making a long track like this even with this "basic"quality takes TENS of hours of painful work. It's really hard. Making it comparable with todays professional standard just isn't possible if you do it for FREE and sacrifice your free time.
Everybody who does work from scratch by himself needs to be encouraged.
I am honestly happy that I can drive challenging course like this, if we should wait until somebody does it better we'd never have anything.
MrPowCz on Dec-29-2011

blah blah
Its a cheap an fast build, notmore an not less.
But gimme gimme people take every bullshit and call it great ;-)

And thats the whole problem: Instead of telling the people their mistakes they call it good, great etc and the "modders" believe they did a good work. In the end they release crap again and again and again.
Since BTB is out there is a flood of crap...
Quertreiber on Dec-29-2011

speedevil999 obviously is a master game creator, and can't be bothered to release his fantastic content..... LOL It matters not the picturesque quality, M8.. it matters the level of enjoyment that one can get while partaking in someone else's hard work and time devoted project. So, take your little comments and move along, there is nothing for you here. I for one, appreciate all mods for what they are, and what it takes to make them. Thanks for the track, and will enjoy many laps on it, I am sure.
hpiracer on Dec-27-2011

Don't listen to them, they have no idea what they're talking about.
Many thanks for track!
MrPowCz on Dec-27-2011

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