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All Terrain Rally 0.90

By: Limpster and The Stigg
Origin: Composite | Real World
Category: Dirt Rally
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
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Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Screenie by: limpster
Screenie by: limpster
Screenie by: limpster
Screenie by: limpster
Screenie by: limpster
Screenie by: limpster
Screenie by: limpster
Screenie by: limpster

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Front and 4wd rally
330 bhp wrc spec peformance
physics have been designed to allow more casual racing with enough room for pros to have a bit of side ways power drifts and close racing .bit bumper to bumper action for a change without having a crash every time you get a tiny hit from rear.
the cars are not just made for rally tracks they work just as well on road tracks like brans etc

the cars
Subaru = The Stigg thx mate .
Evo =The Stigg

Ford focus
peugeot are from a Free 3d site that ive converted for rf

added 2 cars from original Rfactor
opel gtc = isi
venom = isi

seat leon

have used the seat leon model from the leon cup mod .the car model was very well made .
ive yet to get permision to use that with release so once thats ok i can then upload the mod for people to try.

here is a link to a video of ATR in action

sfx still need work if anyone has some good ones . :)

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I would like to say that this blog really convinced me to do it! Thanks, very good post.
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hamhamvnn on Mar-28-2017

you can now try ATR
you can check the video on youtube rfactor atr
there also a ford focus with ken block skin a few cars added
taken out the seat leon adden citroen c4 rs200
limpster on May-05-2016

hi, am keen on looking at a ford focus car with Ken Block livery for the New Zealand rally coming up.. hope you can help with this mod.. cheers
nzmikehart on Mar-29-2015

Recently uploaded a link for this mod .the cars have changed a liitle .
if you want to try it out a link should be here in few days
limpster on Jan-20-2015

idioto co to ma byc jak wszystko posciagales
oczkos1990 on Jan-13-2012

bit of info

i recently got some new car models for the mod but im now thinking waiting for rf2
as it will take advantage of these better car models .

will keep you updated
limpster on Sep-26-2011

Hi. is not dead yet but unless i can ge help with a couple car models i am stuck . Cars need checking out as i not that good with car models
they are in game atm working wih a couple bugs . mainly car parts keep disapearing now and then with some tracks.

no news on seat so prob leave that out for now .
i can upload a beta version with the bugs if you want to see how it is
physics done and all other front end stuff . just these damn 2 cars left and no one to help

ok rant over if you want me to put a beta link up . post a message

limpster on May-25-2011

is it dead. been stuck on 0.90 for a while now compared to what it was before...
vimble on Feb-07-2011

its comin ok . mainly cosmetics for couple cars need tweaking
still havent got the all clear for the seat yet so prob release the mod with that car taken out untill we get the ok
i do have a citroen xsara to add in to the cars list .

if there anyone who wants to help me finish the projects final stages ,please pm me or email me
limpster on Sep-18-2010

wow tht is a good mod
009 aston on Sep-15-2010

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