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Albi67 3

By: Neel Jani and Alain Bosco
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 20-Sep-07
Current release: 3, on 10-Sep-12

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Screenie by: Neel Jani
Screenie by: Neel Jani
Screenie by: Neel Jani
Screenie by: Neel Jani
Screenie by: Neel Jani
Screenie by: Neel Jani
Screenie by: Neel Jani
Screenie by: Neel Jani

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Origin of the circuit for Great Prix Legends by Alain Bosco bond of his site;

Conversion & graphic Update for Rfactor by Neel Jani

Thank you in Alain Bosco for the authorization granted to conversion for its circuit worm Rfactor,

I converted and optimized this track for Rfactor starting from my version for GTR2,

Thank you also with SLN for these textures of horizon (Mountain)

I also thank the people for beta-tests Trefle and Arnaud,


Alain original Bosco circuit LPG
Greybrad corrected AIW

Version 2.0:
Conversion and update by Neel Jani
I thank Alain Bosco for the authorization

For this new version improvements are the following

Add-light night
New 3D-object
-Correction of grass GMT
-Adding the advertising of the day
-New Buildings
-Optimization & texture GMT

All these changes have been made from photo and two videos of 1967 provided that my Boblebric I thank the passage, which was also part of textures found on publicity photos,

Thank you to beta testers, Thierrydu81, Surtees & Boblebric,

Maximum 40 car

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I use firefox, link to gamefront not working
neron2 on Mar-10-2013


I controlled Gamefront link! it is running smoothly, it is perhaps your browser
I ask other people checked the link, it is working with several browser like Firefox or Google Chrome.

Neel Jani
Neel Jani on Sep-11-2012

Would like to DLoad this track, but Gamefront is a real POS - too many errors, impossible to use. Any chance you can post the file somehwere else (Mediafire) ?

mwc5 on Sep-11-2012

Dunno if it's just me but following the link to v3 on Gamefront and it's telling me the file I'm looking for is currently unavailable. Are there any other download links please?

waftycrank on Sep-10-2012

Hi all,

New version v3.0 Release ;-)

Have fun,
Neel Jani
Neel Jani on Sep-06-2012

here is Albi67 v2.00 by NeelJ
CadavreAroues on Jun-18-2011

Sorry guys, something went wrong in the database and these older tracks were accidently released as new. I've removed them from the newsfeed. Apologies for any confusion.
[RFC]-Fresh! on Feb-24-2011

Is the new version v.1 or v.2?
nandorock80 on Feb-24-2011

Are there any other download sources? That rapidshare link just won't work for me.
RexMundi on Feb-28-2010

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