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A1GP 2008 2009 Season 0.70

By: PieLighter
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Open Wheelers
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
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Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Screenie by: PieLighter
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Screenie by: PieLighter

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This will be the first public A1GP mod for rFactor, as the 2005 mod by iDT was a leak.
Because A1GP was liquidated a few years ago, I will have no legal trouble from releasing this mod.
As in the real 2008/09 season of A1GP, this mod uses the Powered by Ferrari car. The 3D model is based on the Ferrari 248 by CTDP, and I have full permissions to use the model.
"Hey Kyle, you have your permissions on the ferrari...can't wait to see the mod... :)" – quoted from jbendy

The mod will feature:
-All 21 nations, from the A1GP history of GBR and Germany to the newcomers of Monaco and South Korea.
-All drivers, from A1GP veteran Neel Jani to the young Felipe Guimaraes.
-The two pre-season test cars. The black car with flags driven by Thomas Biagi, and the plain yellow car driven by Andrea Bertolini.
-Authentic interior sounds, taken straight from an onboard video of Team Brazil at Portimao. The quality is quite good, and accurate to the signature growl of the Powered by Ferrari V8 engine.
-All driver suits and pit crews of the 2008/09 season.
-A bonus car.

The mod will also be bundled with the Beijing Street Circuit raced in the 2006/07 season, and possibly the Lippo Village circuit if I finish it on time.

There may be an SP1 release which contains a huge package of extra teams (more than 30) such as Canada and Venezuela.

Currently all 21 teams are finished, they just need some refinements.

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This is an alternative link for a similar mod
marklorenz on Jul-14-2018

The mod looks great so far (especially the AUS car).After watching a season review of the series I really wanted a awesome mod of it. Good luck with the completion of the mod. I cant wait!! Any chance of releasing a car pack to use on other tracks?

Thx, Good luck
dui700 on Jan-10-2014

whether the mod is finished yet?
linggapk on Jun-27-2013

any progress?
misiex on May-23-2013

where can i get this mod

DOUBBLE on Mar-11-2013

any chance of making Durban??? I really want that and Beijing
nathan_212 on Jan-06-2013

can't wait. i already got the a1gp mod of the 2005 season. i want this mod as well
TheScorpion93 on Sep-20-2012

so it will be released today!!! Horay!!!
vodka on Aug-31-2012

Release: summer 2012
Progress: skins done
intro video done
Beijing - nowhere near complete.
garages (showroom) - only GBR done

I could continue with this list but I really can't be bothered.
PieLighter on Feb-18-2012

any progress???
ADrIaN1996 on Jan-20-2012

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