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22kms of Corsica 1

By: Madcowie and Border Reiver
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Temporary Circuits
Initial release: 05-Apr-08
Current release: 1, on 05-Apr-08

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Screenie by: Madcowie
Screenie by: Madcowie
Screenie by: cockpit
Screenie by: cockpit
Screenie by: Morrison
Screenie by: Morrison
Screenie by: Silver BENZ
Screenie by: Silver BENZ
Screenie by: GONZTD
Screenie by: GONZTD

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22kms of Corsica is a conversion of the GPL Rallystage. Ha ha whoops, its 20kms of Corsica. I did a man thing and over estimated its size! :)

Anyway here it is for you all to drive!! This track isnt the best looking track in the world as its now 7 years old and needs a good texture update along with many other things. Ive updated it to my best ability but I am no artist.

Enjoy cos this track is a blast in many mods!!

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Hi Madcowie Border Reiver,
I converted your rFactor's version of "20 kms of Corsica" track to F1 Challenge 99-02 version. Could you send me the permission for public of this (F1C) version on the Wookey's forum and on my FB page, please?
Thank you very much in advance!
Best regards,
Lee67 on Sep-24-2015

Haha nice reference to the movie "Italian Job", found the 3 mini coopers and the bus is who started my search for them =D, the only thing is the IA acts stupidly on this map, crashing at walls, exiting pits and going offroad, but this track is excellent if you like 24h
Trevisan7 on Nov-09-2013

I downloaded the file today. the loading picture says that it takes a lot of time to load the track for the first time. so I waited and waited and waited... until now, for four hours! so please tell me, is this normal or am I too stupid?
celynth on Jul-24-2010

Ive got an issue. When i go to race, my car is stuck in the pits on one of the tool chests. Has anyone else had this issue? its not the only track that this has happened to me.

Cheers guys
Krustoph on May-30-2010

Yes it needs to be bought, just follow the links, currently it seems to be AUD$79.95.
MJP on May-02-2009

YEP, but it has to be bought, right? I did NOT find how many it costs so could anyone tell me if its necessary to buy it (and the price) or what to do? THX in advance to all.

janmatys on May-02-2009

Hi janmatys
A lot of tracks, if not most, are made with this.

good building
dtruemca on Apr-25-2009

PLZ in what program U made this track and where can I download it if its possible? THX in advance for info mate!

janmatys on Apr-25-2009

Originally posted by: KlemzyP

hy!where can i get the bmw mod?I can't find it!TNX FOR THE TRACK!

Install the Racex mod.....hello
mikkk on Jan-16-2009

hy!where can i get the bmw mod?I can't find it!TNX FOR THE TRACK!
KlemzyP on Jan-11-2009

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