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1989 MOD by F1seventies 0.80

By: Calico Jack & Eddie Matapayos & mobei
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Open Wheelers
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
Progress Bar:

Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Screenie by: Eddie Matapayos

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Visit us at:
Including a Forum and Screenshot Area!

Actual Workers:

-Calico Jack
-Eddie Matapayos

Worked in the past:

-Cherry (Original Mod F1c)
-David Arruda Marques (Phoenix track f1c)
-Nebur (Conversion to rF never used)
-Montesky (Doing the base of mod + a lot more stuff incluid 9 cars in rF)
-Albert Mcsaltens (Quap)

Probably will work in future:

-Mobei (Updating my car cams)
-Pablo Corsico (Modelling)
-F1sr (Physics)

//////////////////////////F1 SEVENTIES\\\
----------------------- F1 1989 SEASON ----------------------

Our goal is taking the player from his seat into one of the 1989 f1 car seat and recreate evething like it was back more than 20 years. so will mod will contain :)

- The 20 official F1 teams that race at 1989 Season
- The 16 tracks that formed 1989 season calendar with surrounds and layout like on 1989
- The 48 Drivers that enter or tried to enter in a 1989 races, everyone with his own head physicis (Example: Arnoux has his head to much close from steering like in real live or Mansell has his head to much to rear) his own way to held the steering (Example: Suzuki and Alesi helds steering from top as in real life) and his own helmet type/color, gloves type/color and driver suit.


-38 different chassis (Most teams used 2 chassis during season)
- Over 200 diferent skins liveries (I (Eddie) did a outstanding job searching pics for every car/race on net and Calico Jack even more outstanding job painting every driver livery, every race --> Example to see the level of detail: Williams has a different logo on front end plate for every driver, every race, we recreate all)
- Diferent wings through the season (3 High downforce + 3 Medium downforce + 3 low downforce + some specials like really high downforce one on mclaren at adelaide and hungary)
- Also some teams changed slightly his cars in some races (opening outakes on sidepots, making intakes more bigger...etc) it is also recreate on our mod.
-16 Tracks of 1989 Season, all already done except phoenix that give us a bug we dont know how to fix and suzuka that we yet have to make right surrounds according to that year:)

//Special Features:

We make dinamic drivers if you choose a track it will load all the opponents they race at that track with the car they used, the wings they used, the livery they used in real life at that track + a setup for ai for this track

(So if you enter at Monaco gp dont expect to find berger, he was injured after Imola nearly fatal crash, or Alesi because he hasnt debut yet, you will see alboreto driving monaco tyrrell or Herbert the monaco benetton. Also if you race at monza dont think will be eassy to overtake the ai thanks to your top speed setup, we did good setups also for ai, they will have a good setup for every track ;) )


Montesky did as allways a great job here and we recreat every engine sound of this season

Ford Cosworth HBA1
Ford Cosworth DFZ
Ford Cosworth DFR
Honda RA109E
Renault RS01
Ferrari 034
Ferrari 035
Ferrari 035B
Yamaha 0X88
Lamborghini 3512

//Physics: [Searching help there]

Goodyear + Pirelli + both in web version physics are done by Albert Mcsalntes (Quap)
Ferrari, Mclaren, Lotus in beta, rest to be done :)
Our goal is incluid every chassis physics and every engine physics. (Every engine physicis already done)

All chassis will have his own cams like it were on real life so this will contain as primary cams Driver view and rightsidecam view, as secondary we will have a fictional tv cam just over the helmet of driver where you will be able to see the cockpit and steering while you drivung (last one is featured by mobei)


We trying to get permisions from f1sr to use his pitguys in our mod, they looks like will give us permisions so we have our own pitguys painted taking from base his modell, if they finally dont let permisions we will use FSOne ones due to i got the permisoons to use it already.

//Safety Car
We will use a red Ferrari Testarrossa as Safety car, we have it tuned it like was on 1989 imola race (every race they changed the safety car, we will use imola one)

////////////////////SPECIAL THANKS\\\

-F1seventies & and Virtual Classic guys for all his support on the making of mod, especially Nebur (he did the first steps converting the mod from f1c, his stuff was never used but took his time) Tatinos (Make both forums posible and allways giving support everywhere, hope his proyect someday finnished it is great) Elmenda (he will be a great modeller he grows his knoledge really fast, he tried helped everywhere he could)

-Cherry being allways coperative and giving us permisions to use his cars.

-David Arruda Marques because he is a really good friend that help us allways he could, also was a great supporter on the hard days. He also was so patience when things doesnt come together at mod (Y)

- Antonio Montesky, he even help after leaving the team for doing his own project (It will be great for sure, you will see guys) gave us a lot help providing permisions for using his stuff and even teaching us doing things including making big tutorials like making cockpit work one, thanks mate ;)

-Albert Mcsaltens (Quap) he dont want to have his job in credits but big thanks for all help

-Special thanks to some of gurus of Motorsport who give me advices about many tecnical or graphical stuff about f1 in general that help us a lot to 89 mod
Forum Elquintoelemento
Forum Aerogi's Motorsport

-Special thanks to webs like

-Special thanks to this webs that allows with his pics or info us reaching the level of historic acurace
+Google, and other websites with not a lot amount of pics but helpfull


Please dont start blaming of fighting about if we have or not have permisions for something, everything is allright, all stuff taken from other mods is with permision from original author of that stuff, we dont want rumours about that before the release of mod, once mod is release you will se no original author wont complain about because has already giving us the permisions and its following our progress and also has our betas :). So please dont start on this way because we wont enter on a fight, simple leave this site abandoned and you wont get screenshots or news


We actually at 31-03-2010 have for private use the Beta 0.92 of mod, it doesnt have physics (except tyres) we need some help there, F1sr might help but for the moment they dont make oficial they will help so will still waiting help :)

Stay Tunned!

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hello, im wondering how this mod is coming along. is there any updates on the mod or is it dead?
cmd8 on Jul-29-2015

Can you at least upload some of the files like physics or something...?
vekimilijan on Aug-26-2014

Can't wait for the official release!
needforspeedgamer on May-08-2014

Hello! , creative team , when will the game be realized?
Gillette on Jul-30-2013

Can anybody give just the slightest news about this mod please? Which physics still need to be done?
nericksenna on Jun-13-2013

This mod 89 is stopped?
that remains to be finalized?
cecelo on Nov-11-2012

Can ANYBODY help these guys out for the physics of this mod? Anybody with experience in the domain?? plz? Eitherwise, f1 1989 on rF will probably never see the light of day
nericksenna on Jan-02-2012

can you release a beta mod because i think we all cant wait too drive this cars
robinrietz123 on Sep-26-2011

Geez, it's been since 2005 since this whole mod thing has started... 6 years ago!!
The wait is becoming a bit long now, is a demo or the mod ever coming out?

Maybe you guys need some help?

Give the community a shout!! This is THE ULTIMATE MOD WE'VE BEEN WAITING FOR.
If ya need help we're in (I think I speak for this entire community, am I right?)!!

nericksenna on Sep-22-2011

Any news folks?
rodrrico on Aug-27-2011

Post a 1989 MOD by F1seventies Comment