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1937 Auto Union 0

By: Team Players
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Open Wheelers
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
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Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Screenie by: Bob (Punko353)
Screenie by: Bob (Punko353)
Screenie by: Bob (Punko353)
Screenie by: Bob (Punko353)
Screenie by: Bob (Punko353)
Screenie by: Bob (Punko353)

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Oups my bad. wrong tread
the_big_ben on Nov-15-2011

New pics. Still holding my breath
But shouldn't these screens go to the another 1937 F1 mod WIP?
flashpeter on Nov-04-2011

Considering the site has seen little, to no traffic in 2 years, is a clear indication to me to not hold your breath.
DeviantStrait on Jul-05-2010

Blah, who cares about some pictures? The only inportant thing is that they are working very hard on Grand Prix 1937, 1955 and 1967 in the same time according to their forum. You can find several pictures and a whole discussion about how is it going on there. We, I mean we like fans of these astonishing, absolutely brutal and in deed lethal machines showing no mercy to everyone who has even only tried to hear their sound, not to mention those, who drove them, we should be happy that Team Players started to work on it and gave us a chance to drive it in rFactor once. Patience people. They are going to make it.
Good luck Team Players
flashpeter on Feb-08-2010

so these yellow corvettes are actualy 1937 auto unions.......................?
rci808 on Feb-03-2010

I would not give up on this. You can visit their site at http://teamplayers-virtualgara...e0be6d317421d19a924e04 and see all the projects that they are working on. Imagine it just takes a lot of time to develop these fine mods. ken
kslater on Sep-19-2009

The original screen shots looked fantastic and I really was looking forward to this mod, but it seems that the Auto Union is not making progress. Add these silly Corvette pictures and you can get the strong impression that nothing will be done anymore.
qqwertzde on Sep-19-2009

i still don't understand why they have put corvettes images on the auto union wip, if they want to publish the corvette, create another mod page, keep the auto union only for the auto union!!!
QuacK! on Aug-19-2009

Is this mod dead?
NoLeftTurn on Apr-28-2009

Great, they released Vette but it does not comlpain why it is in Auto-Union C thread. And it is sad that there's no visible progress in A-U type C WIP...
GL Team Players
flashpeter on Apr-18-2009

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