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by nuggetz
 on 10-08-08 11:18
After finally getting an invite to join iRacing, I've been playing iRacing for 3 days straight. When this C6 mod was released I dowloaded it as I was a big fan of the initial release. I have to say that aside from the differences between the ISI engine and the iRacing engine, this mod feels just as good thru my wheel as anything in the iRacing camp. Visuals are wonderful too. Congrats on a job well done.
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by nuggetz
 on 03-08-08 18:01
re: Leo's FFB plugin
I just gave this a shot with Série Internationale Du Mans. I tweaked the Leo ini to work with this mod. Disable realfeel and try the ini settings below. Make sure in game FFB is set to low. Logitech profiler should be 105, 0, 0, checked, 0

25.0 Front Wheel lock angle, degrees (max deflection to one side from straight on)
0.873 Front wheel distance to centerline (half the front wheel track) in metres, from .pm file
1.470 Front axle distance to body reference point (about half the wheel base) in metres, from .pm file
0.5 Relative strength of FFB effects
9.0 Aligning moment curve shape / feeling of tyre losing grip. Lower numbers are duller, range 1.0 .. 10
0.99 Negative aligning moment parameter for high slip angles, range 0.0 ... 1.0
4.01 Slip angle where aligning moment reverses direction - typically between 8 and 15 degrees
2.5 er (dimetionless)
0.0 Camber ratio (not degrees!)
1.0 Road bumps feeling on the wheel
11500.0 maximum FFB force for stationary and low speed effects
10.0 stiffness of stationary wheels
1.5 wheel rubber hardness (1..5)
8.0 how quickly static forces drop off when rolling
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by nuggetz
 on 27-07-08 12:11
re: JDM Drift Cars
These are really FPS heavy on some tracks. I really like the mod but my favorite car (350Z) has annoying tire squeal all the way around the track and it's turning me off. Anyway for me to lower the volume of the constant tire squealing?
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by nuggetz
 on 26-07-08 09:25
re: Lime Rock Park
I'd like to echo pakfront's comment. Can you please fix the AI's jolt to the right at the hump as this causes the track to be unusable with some mods, especially purdy's latest skip barber type car.
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by nuggetz
 on 26-07-08 09:21
re: Shawn's Racing School
Since this has a skip barber theme, were these cars even tested at Limerock? The AI does some really stupid things right at the top of the small hill. They make a hard right and as a result they spin out in these cars. Happens in other mods so I'm assuming it's something with the track but the fact that the AI wipe out in this mod makes me think that something is a little off with the physics? I'm no expert, just guessing.

I like the mod because it works with realfeel but there's something with the car's balance that bothers me. It's almost as if it's really finicky. Holding a four-wheel drift is pretty tough. I thought it was maybe the realfeel settings so I changed the damper that you suggested to defaults and the feel is much better for me. Felt to dead before. Still, there's not much feel in the middle. Not sure if there's anything that can be done about that. i have a G25.

I wish people would update all the ISI cars to work with realfeel as I really liked some of those vehicles. They are just undrivable with realfeel. The most important thing in a sim is the force feedback.
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by nuggetz
 on 25-07-08 14:31
re: LeMons 24h
This mod makes me totally happy. I usually don't download stuff like this but glad I did. I like racing in FPS view with nothing visible driving these at the green hell felt very relaxing. I'd really love to see some real tires made for these guys as it would make the temps make more sense. You could also experiment and build suspension for these too. Would be a blast. And the sounds effects are perfect. Love it! Thanks!
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by nuggetz
 on 29-06-08 00:45
re: New Ridge Valley
Wow, I just tried this today for the first time. I usually don't give tracks which don't have VLM like textures a shot but I'm sure glad I downloaded this track this morning. The layout is fantastic and driving some of the Historic cars here is a blast and makes for some close racing. I hope the eye candy is updated but the track is great the way it is now. I wonder if rFactor supports smoother landscapes? Maybe they would be FPS hogs?
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by nuggetz
 on 28-06-08 17:09
re: Historic GT & Touring Cars
Maybe I've been driving the lower grip cars too long but does anyone else feel that the cars like the Pantera have too much grip?
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by nuggetz
 on 24-06-08 23:24
re: Historic GT & Touring Cars
I've never felt this immersed in rFactor ever. Racing the porche 906 at Putnam really gave me a sense of real racing. Amazing work. The sounds our outstanding and I think have a lot to do with the experience I'm having racing this mod. Top shelf here. Beats any other vehicle mod out there, period.

I had a question about the night mode, does this "new" night mode apply to any track? What makes it special, the headlights? Just curious why the manual says "Exclusive graphic solution to improve night races, never seen on any other rF
mod before."

Thanks again for this wonderful mod. Look for my donation.
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by nuggetz
 on 24-06-08 20:03
re: Historic GT & Touring Cars
Maybe those having CD problem should try a different drive if their systems have more than one CD drive.
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by nuggetz
 on 24-06-08 19:59
re: Historic GT & Touring Cars
Extract all your files somewhere and click on the first one and run setup. dtague, I think you're having a problem becuase you're trying to install this from your unzip program. Extract all files to a folder and then install.
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by nuggetz
 on 24-06-08 19:57
re: Historic GT & Touring Cars
Wow, this mod is amazing. Sounds are great, physics are top notch! Job well done. HOF for sure.
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by nuggetz
 on 22-06-08 17:34
re: Historic GT & Touring Cars
Can you guys give us a hint on when this might be released? I wanna make sure I block out my day :-)
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by nuggetz
 on 18-06-08 19:27
re: Grooved Skid Marks
Is there anyway to adjust the groove and how much smoke get's laid down? I like the way the tires in GTL smoke when you catch a drift. I haven't found a way to replicate this in rFactor.
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by nuggetz
 on 16-06-08 19:55
re: New Fire Texture
Looks cool. Can you make a new backfire exhaust fire too?
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by nuggetz
 on 14-06-08 00:19
re: Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course
The details at this track are impeccable. Looks as good if not better than some of the Race07 tracks. Too bad tracks of this quality are too few and far between in the world of rFactor. Congrats guys, another fine piece of art.
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by nuggetz
 on 07-06-08 22:15
re: V8Factor
Why does the steering in the middle seem really light? Don't know how to describe but its feels like the car is broken when steering around the center. As if bolts were loose in the wheel or something.
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by nuggetz
 on 01-06-08 19:43
re: GT Widebody Subaru
Exactly. rFactor is not about realism, it's about fun mods. This is why I play Race07 now.
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by nuggetz
 on 12-04-08 18:56
re: WRC Subaru
I installed latest version and the sound fix but no matter what, I keep hearing tire squeal while driving on tarmac. Were the physics tuned by feel only and on a dirt track? Because this thing sucks on tarmac.
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Recent comments by 'nuggetz' (1 - 19 of 19)

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