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TIAida v1.010 Comments, Q1 08 ( 1 - 30 of 33)

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 by Kazumi
 on 13-07-08 13:06

@meclazine: Yeah. GTR2 (rF con-)version got a little texture update so you could use that textures or might contact the author/s for an official texture update o.o

@renaultfan: Well, you could increase the grip values inside the .tdf files, but i think only if you drive offline ;) . Might consider taking soft tires or not driving fast ~formula 1 cars or so :P
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 by fastbikkel
 on 08-06-08 05:10

LIke a lot here i knew this from GP2.
This track deserves a great spot on the hall of fame.
Thanks for creating this and sharing it with us.

Great track.
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 by DoctorB
 on 23-05-08 16:22

Just excellent...!
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 by hdswriter28
 on 19-05-08 01:38

Really love this track also. Great rhythm to it and tons of immersion. Don't really notice any grip issues. Feels as it should for me. I agree with the elevation change on the back and grip. You should break it loose there if you're not careful. Using OpenWheel and FN2007.

Anyway, wonderful job and very enjoyable. Thanks!!
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 by testart
 on 19-05-08 01:37

Great Track and very good job. I love this track thank you
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 by pai
 on 18-05-08 11:21

Great track! I also missed it from GP2 days =)

And about little grip: i didn't notice that issue. ok, coming out of the slow corner after the back straight is tricky, but i assume is because of the height change. Tried Formula 3 Euroseries 2007 there and worked normally =)
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 by F1Alive
 on 18-05-08 06:40

I really love this track! Yes it really is flowing, almost mesmorising! :D
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 by renaultfan
 on 17-05-08 13:02

Really good track, has a rhythm to it, but my only worry is that there is very little grip. With amounts of throttle that would get me out of a normal corner on a normal track, I lose the rear end here and spin. What should be done?
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 by F1Alive
 on 16-05-08 22:25

Yea those were great times in GP2. Thanks for this to enjoy in rF as well now! :)
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 by [MAD]Hammer
 on 16-05-08 21:18

Great stuff hoping he lets you convert more..

Missed it "since GP2" ?

Aida has been in GPL for donkeys. lol

So i guess you missed a great sim too.
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 by meclazine
 on 16-05-08 19:52

Great track and a great rendition.

Only issue, and it is a relatively small one, the background horizon graphic looks way out of place. Its the one from Toban, isn't it ?

It does not look like Japan, nor does it look like its the right size and distance from the track.
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 by the_last_name_left
 on 16-05-08 18:34

I've been hoping Aida would be done - so thanks very much.

I remember it from Crammond. Was it GP2? I guess it must have been.......long time ago.......

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 by mattbuck
 on 16-05-08 15:54

I loved this track in Grand Prix 2.
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 by Gonzaga
 on 16-05-08 15:02

Yes i agree just lack ground between grass and road transition
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 by gundwane1978
 on 16-05-08 13:09

Great greatt..everything is great but there is a one small problem with track layout..The chicane which named moss'S was harder than this layout..I remember 1994 and 1995 this chicane is more slower..In this version completely flatout..
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 by MaNTzEl
 on 16-05-08 12:48

very nice Track thx great Work
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 by Gonzaga
 on 16-05-08 12:39

OOOH yeess!! finally miracle very loong time waiting for this track thank so much piro now i'll test... . I hope that you give permission for any talented converted for another game like GTR2 for example.
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 by S.Moss
 on 16-05-08 12:24

for anyone wanting a rapidshare link here it is - http://rapidshare.com/files/115352821/TIAida_V100.rar

just waiting for it to be approved on the submit link.
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 by TexDinoco
 on 16-05-08 12:12

Wow, I too remember this from the GP2 game... nice to see the track here. Thanks!
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 by Jan20012
 on 11-05-08 12:17

Wow very nice work you do here. Just as a little tip, I'd think it'd look even greater if you'd add some transition between grass and gravel
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 by AMKorfmaker
 on 08-05-08 17:45

This brings back memories from Grand Prix 2
hell yeah i raced a lot on this track in my 94 benneton:P:D
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 by Gonzaga
 on 07-05-08 16:13

I hope to see this track in GTR2 too please
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 by maikrfactor
 on 30-04-08 23:32

III"""" Don't BELIEVE!!!!!!!!!!!
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 by racing for fred
 on 30-04-08 03:12

i can t wait for it..

it s too long Piro,please,try to do faster..

during the 5days left,i couldn t see the bare progressing up to 80pc..

please Piro..
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 by racing for fred
 on 25-04-08 15:27

mon circuit préféré bientot sur rfactor!!

good job guys..
plz,can we have much picz?
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 by t4s15
 on 24-04-08 02:36

Wow just watched the latest round of Supergt from Okayama, Great track and great action. Looking foward to it (-:
Now if only we had a supergt mod)-:lol
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 by effazef
 on 15-04-08 16:20

Moss S - is that betwene 3rd and 4th corners. if so that part was alwasy fun going in 2 wide!

Waiting for this track, keep it up :)
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 by hackmann
 on 11-04-08 10:36

Can you release a BETA ?
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 by mikaheikkila
 on 08-04-08 01:08


I really cant wait to drive this track.
Thanks for making it possible.
Any estimate when this track is ready?
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 by snejki
 on 05-04-08 08:47

I like this track, cant wait for yr one
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TIAida 1.010 Comments, Q1 08 ( 1 - 30 of 33)

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