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Sport Cars Challenge Comments, Q1 08 ( 1 - 30 of 46)

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 on 16-08-08 10:46

veo que es injusto pagar por un mod ke ni algunos seven detallaos bien...no lo veo justo...
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 by mclf1
 on 10-08-08 08:41

this looks like a great mod please take your time 2 it
..... is it ready yet
i cant wait for it
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 by richracer817
 on 02-08-08 11:12

Looks absolutely great! hope it will be finished soon, although maybe the windows on the R8 can be a little darker. Keep up the good work!
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 by cesniper
 on 28-07-08 11:59

they look good....I just hope the physics are muuuuuuch better than the bmw 6 series, which was a disaster.
good luck
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 by popiah123
 on 26-07-08 07:03

hey love your mod anyway about that r8 could you leave the LEDs on always and only activate the main lights when u press the headlamp button?
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 by Raskill
 on 25-07-08 17:02

OMG, I want that R8!!!!!! =D
Good luck working on this mod, i can´t wait to drive one of those great cars!
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 by Toreti
 on 20-07-08 08:50

keep up the good work Balanesko, don't mind about HatErs
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 by Otario
 on 18-07-08 14:46


THE STREET NAME ITS A BEAUTIFUL GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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 by HouzE
 on 17-07-08 17:34

... Comment shredded ...
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 by aki1337
 on 15-07-08 10:16

OMFG, I have waited soooo long for an R8 to come for rFactor! Great work! Don't care about what these idiots say about this mod, they havent even tried it!

Keep up the good work, looks really good :)
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 by Mike0149
 on 13-07-08 10:41

I don't want to take sides, I think there's some very poor behaviour in the comments below, but just to sum up what I and other members of the community are feeling: We can monitor the progress of an exciting conversion project, knowing it is a conversion, if we so wish. We should not be lead to believe anything is scratchbuilt if it is not, and with that honesty you will receive support and kudos as you go. Converting is NOT hard work at all, anyone can process a simple conversion in a day or two - but lets all wait to see, these may be excellent quality for all we know. Finally, I point to this line:
"This Thread Body has 2 parts: 1st:Mods that are already finished and can be purchased directly through Paypal in any minute, and 2nd: Mods that are requested and are under development at the moment."
Directly quoted from the first page of the author's forum - stating, obviously, that at least some of these mods are NOT FREE and as such this may not be the place to discuss them at all.
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 by Hellshaper
 on 13-07-08 09:02

Great new screens! Keep up that work!
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 by Balanesko
 on 13-07-08 08:49

I see you can't even read, this mod is free, I am not selling anything on rfcentral. As I see the only word you know is CRAP, well, everybody has their problems... ROFL!!!
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 by HouzE
 on 13-07-08 07:27

he can't sell content for many legal reasons , and this site is not for SELL MODS , ask to raceking... lol

No more to say about this crap.
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 by dimasm11o
 on 13-07-08 04:13

hi all,

i want to tell us that converting a car is not easy ...its very difficult..!!however,,balanesko doesnt obligate us to buy any mod!!just he gives the chance to have all people the car who loves in rfactor...so ,please stop to send comments to detract the works of balanesko!!

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 by Balanesko
 on 13-07-08 02:16

Listen, kid... I talk to Falkrum few days ago and I have his permission, you can contact him and ask. M6 is crap? :) I will not be explining now you gow crap is your life, however i will take care that you will be banned of rfcentral, so bye bye, sweety! :P
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 by HouzE
 on 12-07-08 20:08

i think writing:

'Mercedes-Benz C126 500SEC Koenig
Original model by "Falkrum"...

is not enough to believe you has the permission...

anyway make what you want , your previous bmw m6 mod is crap , so this one will be also...

have luck with your PAY MOD , lol.
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 by HouzE
 on 12-07-08 19:47


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 by HouzE
 on 11-07-08 13:53






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 by racer2006
 on 07-07-08 07:28

They're converts from World Racing 2 by the looks of it...

Could be wrong, but I too find it hard to believe you can knock off a whole car in 1 week...and guarantee that it's realistic.

Hope you have permission for the conversions if they are?
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 by roadhog29389
 on 06-07-08 21:46

Conversion or not, i like the look of this. My personal stance(noone has to think the same, just stating my thoughts) is if these are conversions from a game noone buys or uses anymore, then convert away. I personally can't wait to thrash the living daylights out of these things. Will you be including a couple of your other cars in this, perhaps a BMW M5 or Z4? Anyway, keep giong and ignore the naysayers :)
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 by lacase
 on 04-07-08 21:25

can you post a screenshot of the dashboard of the 500sec
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 by Squall0831
 on 04-07-08 15:49

dunno why, but the cars on the screens look like 100% conversions oO
I guess they have exactly the same polycount as the cars from nfs and world racing.
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 by RobinM
 on 04-07-08 15:19

I meant the headlight textures and the 3d mesh of the headlights. They are the same as in World Racing!!
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 by agr_team
 on 04-07-08 12:19

...I don't think so, dear Balanesko.
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 by Balanesko
 on 03-07-08 11:30

Maybe, beacause, its SL65 too... I draw the skins for cars, someone has the paranoya here...
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 by RobinM
 on 03-07-08 11:27

Why are all the textures similar to the SL65 from World Racing????
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 by Balanesko
 on 03-07-08 06:45

Yes, you can buy a game for 15 euro, but would you be able to talk with developers so they include cars YOU WANT??? If yes, then, you are a lucky one. As I wrote and will wrote again: My project is for those, who can want THEIR cars ingame. About the physics:atm is so many many mods, and its not that hard to modify the physics for the real car specs with so much base physics and tools for rFactor.
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 by CrippleHorse
 on 03-07-08 05:16

I can't tell you that you shouldn't sell your work, my main point is that I find 15 euro just a tiny bit unreasonable price, since I can buy whole games for that price and since there's something fishy with claiming you can do realistic cars in a week.
Also saying that in my opinion giving to cars for free is unlikely to make people want to buy your cars.
I think my reading skills are fine. You're saying that the car being exclusive to the person who asks for it justifies the price, which is absurd. Price is demand-dependent. If you sell a car made by request of one person, it's natural that another will not buy whatever car someone else requested, so the fact that you don't give the same car to someone else is due to expected demand, not a rule or an exclusivity thing. If I ask you to buy the same car will you say "I have made this one, ask me for another one" or "I will make it from scratch again because the other one was from that guy"? Why do I think they're going to want the Enzo?
Also, if rfactor had a price equivalent to your estimation of it's price if it was sold to one guy, noone would buy it. That's the point.
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 by Balanesko
 on 02-07-08 18:42

CrippleHorse, well, not really, these 2 mercedes cars would be released for free, on my site wasn't talk about selling them, I just show the potential of my Project, and I not ask you or somebody else to buy our work, if you don't believe that it's possible then go ahead, and you will never know if it's worth that money or not, because if someone requests me to make a car for him, i will never give it to anyone for free after that. That's the rule. You should read better, what i wrote on my site,: If ISI or simbin were selling rfactor game onlyto 1 guy, then just take the calculator and calculate how much each rfactor car costs (that one that is already in-game)... it would be even less than 15 euros... I give people a chance to have their cars ingame, cars that WILL NEVER BE rELEASED FOR rFactor, or even if they will be they will not be that satisfied with them, jsut because, when I make a car for someone, I take in mind every tiny thing that customer asks me and they are always satisfied with the result, believe me.
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Sport Cars Challenge Comments, Q1 08 ( 1 - 30 of 46)

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