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Spirit of 76 v1.100 Comments, Q1 08 ( 1 - 30 of 138)

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 by mickey65
 on 30-07-08 02:33

i see the fantastic tv cockpit perspective !!!!
how can i edit this, try in the cam file without great success !!
thanks !
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 by RMBRacetec
 on 29-07-08 08:51

When its done :D ;) We work on it :)
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 by F1Kl78
 on 29-07-08 07:51

When BMW 2002 in Spirit of 76 Comming Out.
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 by Tarquin
 on 27-07-08 08:58

We've been running the Fiat's for a while now, and the best thing to note is that the tyres take 3-4 laps to get to temp and grip is plenty-ful....
Take your time Core@Team and this is gunna be soooo sweet.
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 by Schlusel
 on 27-07-08 07:16

So you added the gmt files to the .mas manually? And what GMT error do you get? Why did you install it manually?
Had you installed the window-fix before?
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 by Gonzaga
 on 26-07-08 13:14

I installed the patch manually and i get error GMT file :-(
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 by PeterR
 on 24-07-08 14:37

There's always room for improvement, but let's do that the right way and leave rippers and people who don't ask permission for fixing things that aren't broken out of this. We're a team with quite some experience (since ISI's F1 2002), we have always done things our own way and from scratch. We don't do half-finished jobs, conversions or whatever.. So if we release something chances are big it will actually be quite realistic.
For the older cars we might use even flatter slipcurves but there's no reason to go change the original So76 mid-'70s physics. Like the models these physics have been made from scratch, including the slipcurves. We have been using our own slipcurves for years, not copying them from other rF mods like most people do. The grip on these cars doesn't drop suddenly. You are driving mid-engined cars with slick tires on the limit so yes you still have to pay attention. Driving the front engined RWD cars is already a different story.
I had a look at unauthorized tire physics someone sent me: the slipcurves have more dropoff but to mask that the tires have much more grip, I don't see the improvement, they're even lacking some values.

If this mod had any real problem then I could understand that someone would like to fix it but this definately isn't the case so please have some respect for people who actually create, thanks. :)

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 by Schlusel
 on 22-07-08 17:19

Well, every critism is welcome as we can only get better.
Could you maybe send the file you mentioned to me?
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 by CrippleHorse
 on 22-07-08 14:44

I'm no physics guy and my understanding of how physics work in the rfactor engine is relatively poor. But I initially felt that the tires behave in the standard rfactor manner which renders tyre behaviour in most mods strange, where grip reduces fast when one goes past the peak slip angle and grip changes a bit much with camper, which is something one understands by feel well. It is allready far better than most HOF mods out there but it makes one drive the cars in a way we've got used to in rfactor but is not very real, sliding because it is faster since it gets you peak grip but easy to lose because grip falls steeply afterwards. In reality we would be losing time if we were sliding like that but it always proves faster in game.

In a particularly fishy site featuring mainly unauthorized rfactor downloads, a guy released a spirit of '76 "physics patch". I guessed it was tire files and downloaded it. It was, basically with -0.065 dropoff value in lateral and longitudinal grip and slightly flatter curve, which seemed to work better.
I'm addicted to this mod and can compare it only with four or five others in quality of physics, I just think there's some room for improvement there.
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 by Schlusel
 on 22-07-08 13:40

@CrippleHorse, what do you think should be change on the tire curve?

@Gixxer, theren't more screens yet apart of these ones
Paintworks are still old ones that have to be reworked. However you can notice all three bodyworks of the 2002 that will come.
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 by Gixxer79
 on 22-07-08 11:14

Please, other screens of the BMW???? Looks great, keep on the good work! ;-)
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 by CrippleHorse
 on 22-07-08 11:03

A bit more realistic work in the tyre curves department and this is going to be totally flawless ;-)
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 by Schlusel
 on 21-07-08 05:09

No, you do not need to remove anything. Even if you had the previous fix installed it should be cleaned by the patch.
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 by cjtkd
 on 21-07-08 04:14

Do I need to remove previous versions before installing V.1?
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 by Mombassa
 on 21-07-08 00:38

Schlusel thanks for the patch!

Apologies for the delay in featuring it on the home page. To do this automatically yourself, change the mod version _and_ current release date in the modder admin - the site will then do the rest.
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 by RobinM
 on 20-07-08 17:03

Schlusel, thanks for the patch!!
I hope we can try the 2002 ingame very soon :D It looks awsome!!!
Keep up the fantastic work :D
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 by Schlusel
 on 20-07-08 15:46

I have added a patch to adress the mirror and window issues. A window that will get dirty during racing has been added as well.
Please read the So76 description for more details!
It is very important that you extract the file directly to you rFactor folder. Otherwise it won't work.
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 by markusm
 on 20-07-08 15:21

WOW, a BMW 2002 !
the X1/9 is one of my favorite cars in RF, sweet cockpit and sound and much fun to drive. by knowing the quality of your work, this little bavarian will be a blast. keep it up.

markus ;-)
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 by CrippleHorse
 on 20-07-08 15:13

The 2002 is one of the sweetest looking cars ever and with your quality of modeling anything retro and curvy will look great ;-)
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 by The Pusher
 on 19-07-08 16:46

ah ok thx,didnt saw the other series. Very cool Mod; i like the old racecars!!
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 by Schlusel
 on 19-07-08 12:51

Have choosen the So76 Season? As Lotus and Fiat can also be selected seperately.
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 by The Pusher
 on 19-07-08 11:45

Hi. I have no Fiat in the Game only the Lotus,please help
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 by Tarquin
 on 14-07-08 22:52

Still enjoying the Fiat's a great deal..... So much fun can be had with these cars....
Schlusel - I'll email you our skin pack so you can see some of the designs our drivers came up with for our small comp... ;-)
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 by the_last_name_left
 on 14-07-08 04:45

I like this. Thank you very much.
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 by lussy 91
 on 11-07-08 07:40

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 by ufangio
 on 10-07-08 05:35

Thank you for the info. Keep up this beautifull work and good luck.
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 by Schlusel
 on 09-07-08 04:07

The BMW 2002 is not too far away from beeing finished. I'm adding the older version of the BMW front (before facelift) right at the moment.
There may be a third version of the BMW 2002 as well ;-)

The main problem are the sounds at the moment. So if anyone is willing to help with BMW 2002 sounds please contact us.
Same goes for the Escort (Escort MK1 and MK2)
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 by JG24fan86
 on 08-07-08 00:56

I got rfactor lite, so maybe I need the original sounds folder?
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 by ufangio
 on 07-07-08 16:13

The screenshots shows BMW 02 and Ford Escorts. When will both " arrived " in the Mod?
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 by anthing
 on 07-07-08 11:47

If u have rFactor version 1.255 then Lotus sounds should work.
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Spirit of 76 1.100 Comments, Q1 08 ( 1 - 30 of 138)

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