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 by coolmike
 on 12-08-08 22:05

Probably a few more years.
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 by JMichaels
 on 04-08-08 11:15

Do you know when you guys are going to be done with this prototype c mod because i like driving prototype cars alout...
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 by Mad_Harry
 on 28-07-08 15:23

Its a break pedal split into 2


that is a picture of a JPS lotus 76 that had it.

Seems a really good idea to me, the only downside is twice the chance of snapping a break pedal lol
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 by Drano Insano
 on 25-07-08 22:18

Hey, guys, this may be a stupid question but... I don't know the answer so-- What is the purpose of the 4th pedal? It's to the left of the clutch. Is it just for resting a foot?
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 by v3ga
 on 22-07-08 19:33

please just Release a Preview Car just one Porsche 956 or 962 just only one car!
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 by aj_1986
 on 18-07-08 08:26

i'm going crazy with anticipation for this. checking for an update has almost become a regular routine!

hope things are progressing the way you'd like them to be. is there an estimate on the number of cars that will be included? i remember reading a post by Vince Klortho that the junior team had taken on over 200 cars from the F1C version, but as we know from the previews, more cars are being added.
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 by coolmike
 on 15-07-08 19:44

Hey buddy, alot of months have went by...and some years. It's pretty much a waste of your breath to ask status updates, as they won't answer them. So, keep waiting like everyone else. Have a nice day!
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 by SRW1969
 on 15-07-08 13:57

Another month goes by and still no word!!!!!! Whats the latest on this or hve you not bothered to do anything for a while?

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 by Junger_Schwede
 on 14-07-08 01:19

Oh, sorry, I didn´t know that.

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 by biggles101
 on 13-07-08 03:14

I'm hanging out for this one, however long it takes.
Nice work so far!!

"A question:
Is it planned to implement the lengendary Mercedes CLR and the Toyota GT-1 of the year 1999, where the CLR had that horror crash?"
Group C as it was originally meant to be ran from 1982 through to 1992, until the usual F1 idiots changed the regulations.
The Benz and Toyota are Le Mans GT1 'Prototypes and have nothing in common with Gr.C.

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 by tyronnezx
 on 12-07-08 21:39

is it going to have Roland Ratzenberger's toyota 88c-v?
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 by Junger_Schwede
 on 12-07-08 04:56


looks very good!

A question:
Is it planned to implement the lengendary Mercedes CLR and the Toyota GT-1 of the year 1999, where the CLR had that horror crash?

BTW: VirtuaLM did those cars already in her LM-99 mod for F1C AND the gave it free for convertion!

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 by Fernass
 on 07-07-08 11:09

Oww.. that´s a fantastic job! Good work! Do you know when the mod will be done??
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 on 01-07-08 01:25

Is not prototype C released like F1C?
I am waiting for the release of Prototype-C for rFactor.

PS I am not good at English because of the Japanese.
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 by mxjr-9
 on 28-06-08 03:57

At first I have to say that your work is absolutely impressive, the screenshots of the cars looks fantastic and your tracks( Rouen/ Le Mans/ Mid Ohio) are fantastic detailed and super to drive. So take the time you need to finish this great mod, although I can hardly wait for this releasing. Yesterday I played your great prototype c mod for f1 challenge 99-02 again and while playing, there came some questions to my mind. Are you going to converte and improve the tracks (Phoenix/ Daytona/ Laguna Seca (old layout) ) for rFactor ?
Do you integrate the wonderful prototypes "Jaguar XJR-6-9" and "Nissan RC 89" in your prototype c mod for rfactor ?
And the most important question are you going to design a new menu like you`ve done it in F1 challenge 99-02 ?

Thank you for answering my questions.

P.S My english isn`t very good, because I`m a German pupil. : )
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 by semilost
 on 25-06-08 16:06

I can hardly wait for this mod also, particularly given the quality of VLM's recent track releases...One thing though, why do some modders make the body so thick by the front pillar of the windscreens? I was was looking at a couple of the pics and noticed it. There's no way someone could race with them like that. Maybe I'm being over picky, but why stop now..lol

Kudos on your efforts.
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 by semilost
 on 25-06-08 16:05

Double post...
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 by Jord18
 on 11-06-08 13:36

Are you guys going to include the race and qualifying specs for the engines? I know most teams used higher boost during qualifying and some 956 and 962 teams used their 3.2 liter engines during qualifying then put the 2.7's back in for the race since they were more economic, I read that in my book which is the full history of the Sauber C9, if you guys would like more info you can contact me about it at a380pilot8@hotmail.com.
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 by moppenheimer
 on 07-06-08 00:15

haven't checked on this in a while, but have been following this since the F1c days. really lookin forward to it!
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 by deimos256
 on 28-05-08 22:18

dont hold your breath

PS watch what you say on here, my opnion got me banned for a week
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 by Bjorn
 on 27-05-08 10:36

I've been wishing this mod would be ready for the weekend of Le Mans for a long time now, but that looks rather unrealistic. Keep up the good work though - I still wish you would have released a 1.0 version and then adding the extra cars in 2.0 version or something like that. It's a shame that we'll have to get through the Le Mans weekend without a proper Le Mans mod :) At least we have your oh-so-beautiful Le Mans tracks 77 - 1986 ;)

Keep it up VLM team and VLM Junior team!
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 by coolmike
 on 05-05-08 22:38

yeah, the service pack would IMO be a fantastic idea for rfactor, but who really knows whats going on. It could be released tomorrow or two years from now, if not longer. Might as well forget about this mod, until its released.
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 by Richard117
 on 04-05-08 08:57

I liked the Service Pack thing they had during the F1C days.
Why not the same system with this mod?

It was at 90% progress, so close to release. Just release that and release the new cars when they are ready.
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 by valhalla
 on 04-05-08 01:34

I am just posting to say the work on this is appreciated, and I will wait as long as it takes.
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 by A_S
 on 03-05-08 06:03

It's a modification for a computer game... some of you need to take a chill pill....

I am really looking forward to it, i have used Virtua_LM stuff since SCGT and it is going to fantastic, i can guarantee that, you just have to accept that these people do what they do because they love it and not because they want to provide you with something for free. If they want to take years over it, thats there porogative, not yours, if your getting angry and "hanging" on its release then i suggest you try not to get to involved... its a mod, its not life or death, my gosh.

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 by Oneliner
 on 03-05-08 04:52

Please show a bit more respect, deimos256. Not everything is just as easy as collecting a social security check. Maybe if you start working yourself, you could see the effort it takes to work on such a big project.

The reason why you see so many Porsches, is because they were the absolute backbone of groupC racing. Even in 1991 WSC, 9 years after the introduction of the first 956, about 50% of the field is still Porsche. Some are heavily modified and some don't. If you want to see the other cars, just have look at all the screenshots again.

About the provesionalism. I think the shots and their PTC mod for F1C shows enough. Just be happy this team choose to share their progress with some screenshots now and then. If you can't handle a backwards moving progress bar, then maybe it's a good idea to remove this page from your WIP-watch. I'm glad to see more cars are comming as some seasons in PTC were a bit empty.

Keep it up guys!!
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 by deimos256
 on 03-05-08 01:05

... Comment shredded ...
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 by coolmike
 on 02-05-08 20:29

Yeah, I know it's a junior team working on the version for rFactor(again, its a conversion with cars added) so, my best guess(and Im guessing because even thought this is a 'WIP' thread, there is no communication between the actual modders and the community) is that it's going to be ATLEAST another 2 years before its close to being finished. But, look at it this way, it might be ready for rFactor 2.
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 by deimos256
 on 02-05-08 18:38

has anyone ever wondered about the fact that a "junior" team is undertaking this while the main team releases tracks, TRACKS.

there are plenty of tracks for this mod how about some serious cars to tear it up with, id rather see this mod released before anything else from VLM, and if its lagging behind, PUT MORE PEOPLE ON IT

and as for free, id gladly pay money to have this thing come out before im collecting a social security check
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 by SRW1969
 on 02-05-08 16:35

well the f1c mod was great but you guys should have released a beta test version and then released an update people will and are getting sick of waiting......we all know you are busy but please let us know whats going on with this mod
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Prototype-C Comments, Q1 08 ( 1 - 30 of 86)

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