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GP2 2008 Series v2.000 Comments, Q1 08 ( 1 - 30 of 106)

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 by SkaningeN
 on 15-08-08 09:39

I think is looks awesome!! keep it up! :)
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 by emerico
 on 15-08-08 07:52

the real camera view is very distortion, this is the reality:
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 by TexDinoco
 on 15-08-08 07:29

What a tease this is - ok, I say that with a smile because this is (like Abyss) one I keep checking on the progress. The screens posted so far suggest a heck of a great mod. I look forward to this one a LOT. ;)
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 by Abyss
 on 15-08-08 07:26

lol, i must be really looking forward to this mod.
I have been checking for the demo at least 25 times a day.
Dont rush it though, i shall keep checkning for it.
Looks brilliant though :)
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 by Uff
 on 15-08-08 05:03

Thank you for the update. There's no need to hurry and release a half finished mod: it's definitely better to wait a bit more and have a good mod, instead of 10 different versions, each with a different physic. ;)
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 by strekedesire
 on 14-08-08 22:26

Emerico, I think what simpsons means by the tyres being too large is that they are not rounded enough. Take a look at the gp2 2006 mod tyre roundness, and that should give you a good idea as to how they should be.

I agree with what Tebacka has said. The steering wheel is a bit too big, and the shape isn't quite correct. Either its that or the cockpit isn't wide enough.

reference pictures:




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 by thunderknight
 on 14-08-08 19:17

Hey, what about your demo idea???

I know you have to correct everything, so the mod will look great, bu arless think about this demo idea, with a few cars and necesary files.

I must not tell you how much I´m waiting for it...
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 by simpsons
 on 14-08-08 18:56

Do you have a picture of the front of the car i want to see something in the tyres .....

thnx to fast answer and iff u need help to paint the cars i can help i have some experience on painting cars .... add me on msn
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 by emerico
 on 14-08-08 18:13

Datas of tires are absolute realistic, but I know what you see. I don't know where is the problem, i think the picture of TV Cam is torsion..

For All:
The mod pregress very well, we have some important informations from GP2 Teams, but the mod is not ready to presentation. Only some datas are missing yet.
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 by simpsons
 on 14-08-08 17:33

Hey, emerico i think the front tyre its a little bit large on t-cam view ....

superb mod guys ...

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 by Mombassa
 on 14-08-08 17:31

szekto not cookies, but cache and history. If you're then still seeing blocked images while browsing www.rfactorcentral.com, it is probably your personal privacy settings that are too aggressive making your browsing appear as leeching. Zone Alarm for example sometimes has this problem. Either make an exception for rfactorcentral or lower the relevant setting.
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 by szekto
 on 14-08-08 11:13

I deleted every cookie, but it didn't work . :S

I use Firefox. I write int browser the www.rfactorcentral.com text, and it don't work. :S :@
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 by Mombassa
 on 14-08-08 09:24

szekto you are browsing the site by IP address.

Solution: browse www.rfactorcentral.com

It may help to clear your browser cache and history, esp if using MSIE.
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 by szekto
 on 14-08-08 09:21

Guys, I've got some problem. I can't see the mod pictures, I only see a RFCentral picture, and there's a text only int the picture: "This image has been blocked". But why?
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 by Uff
 on 14-08-08 07:58

@ bradrive: it's good to see a real engeneer among us! If you want to contact Emerico, you can click on rMail (top left of the screen), Send Message (on the right) and then "To: emerico". In this way you should be able to send him a message! ;)
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 by bradrive
 on 13-08-08 10:16

i am the performance engineer of campos grand prix GP2.
I am actually new to rfactor (started checking out the net and building up a modded version of rfactor just these days).
If you have unclear issues with the gp2 physics i will be glad to contribute (time permitting) in future.

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 by axel8
 on 13-08-08 10:01

the modders are fast. when it will be released?
is there a demo-version?

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 by DonMuang
 on 13-08-08 05:26

I don't have a problem with a delayed demo, I think the mod will be better :D
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 by SkaningeN
 on 12-08-08 17:48

looking great! this is going to be very good :) one question though, will there be a little more traction in this mod compared to the 2006 one? cause the 2006 one is veryvery slippery :P
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 by Kris01
 on 12-08-08 13:38

Premiere date of gp2 is still in august?? i want know this, becouse our league want to race on this super mod :) and we waiting with big nervous ;p
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 by Uff
 on 12-08-08 06:47

Let's wait for emerico to set things properly: if he still have to "fix" the mod according to the feedback he received, it's better to let him work and release a demo only when he's sure everything's fine. ;)
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 by ratko98
 on 11-08-08 18:51

Well, monday is over, tuesday is here...we all wish in the morning to see that demo....
Thank you guys for this....
it would be awesome!
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 by szekto
 on 11-08-08 11:29

@thunderknight: read back and you will find the answer for your question.

"I will wait for this and I’ll upload the prepared demo of mod after the test.

Maybe on Monday or Tuesday."
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 by thunderknight
 on 11-08-08 09:57

Well, this mod is looking realy good, thanks emerico.

But, when you gonna release it, or arless a demo???

Because, looks like there aren´t too much things that aren´t finished. So. i´m still here waiting for this impresive mod...
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 by Rhinoser
 on 10-08-08 11:10

where ist the beta version? come they on this weekend? greez
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 by emerico
 on 10-08-08 08:09

the steering wheel and cockpit created by official GP2 Technical Descriptions.
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 by Tebacka
 on 09-08-08 17:50

I think the steering wheel is a bit too wide :/
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 by AtomAmeise0815
 on 09-08-08 10:27

seeing those new screenshots, i cannnot wait for the mod :o)

may i ask which helmetshape is used? rft08 or is it an own one?
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 by warren2006
 on 08-08-08 09:47

Good news Emerico. Looks very promising.
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 by gtjoejoejoe
 on 08-08-08 07:52

SIR Emerico !

This mod looks great. Thanks you very much for all ! Keep it up and gook luck !

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GP2 2008 Series 2.000 Comments, Q1 08 ( 1 - 30 of 106)

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